Used Napkin

Spongebob: Behold, Gary! The used napkin!

Used Napkin (literally Utag Nalkun) is a Deity somewhere betwixt the recesses of space and time. Utag Nalkun is described as one of the Outer Gods, ruling over the darkest recesses of the Kadath (which was once an area of Bikini Bottom, but was transformed into an artificial dream world by the Elders). Utag Nalkun can transform into many different entities, but his most common appearance is using a white cloak to shroud his true form. Along with Chip (Thhul) and Penny (Laanx), he is one of the three rulers of the (un)known Kadath.


The only Kadath ruler with an actual personality, Utag Nalkun rarely speaks, but when he does, he gives a rather philosophical insight on the universe around him. He often uses a white cloak to hide his hideous true form.

Utag Nalkun's hideous true form.


Among the other Gods, he seems to have a sour relationship with his half-cousin Cthulhu, as they are always degrading eachother at any given time. Utag Nalkun has great respect for Nalsiana (Neptune), whom is "the voice and God of all things". He also has a crush on his fellow Outer God, Shub-Niggurath, though he refuses to admit this (despite it being blatantly obvious to anyone but himself and Niggurath). He is often a target of being made fun of by Nyarlathotep because of this. He seems to respect Thhul, his fellow Kadath ruler, but it is unknown what he thinks of Laanx. He also seems to have a grudge against Chuck Norris, possibly because he envies his strength. He also may be realated to Monsta.

He also knows two other object gods, Chip and Coin.

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