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Upsy daisy

Upsy Daisy is a girl that has a husband named Iggle Piggle and have 4 children together, Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos known as Unn Ooo and Eee.I Know, They have weird names. Her name sounds like a ripoff of teletubbies. She might be more evil than her best friend, WaWaWaWaWaTinky-Winky.

What does she do?

Upsy daisy likes to sing, Dance, Sometimes she kills Makka Pakka for just washing her face and when Iggle Piggle is around, they play ball together. She also is very dramatic. She also likes to play with Makka Pakka on occasions, Plotting to kill him when he decides to wash faces. She likes her bed which travels around like CRAZY!!!! all over the garden.

She also has her own theme song which she uses to brainwash people:

Upsy daisy, Here I Come
Im the ONLY EVil one
Upsy opsy daisy doo
Ipsy opsy daisy poo

After the song, She Shoots the screen.

Upsy daisy VS. Iggle Piggle

Upsy daisy was sleeping in her bed one day, When she heard something. She went over to Makka Pakka's cave which the sound was coming from. Makka pakka ran out of his cave and all through the garden. Upsy daisy was very confused. Then what came out of His cave was Iggle Piggle, who was begging Makka pakka to come back to have an affair with Makka. She stood there looking shocked. Then she walked away, Leaving Iggle Piggle on his own.

But it didn't stop there, One Day,Upsy daisy was playing with the ball, When Iggle Piggle came up to her. Upsy Daisy looked at him with an angry face. Iggle Piggle and her had a big fight then. Upsy daisy won.She ran over Iggle Piggle with her bed. Unfortunally,Iggle respawned but upsy daisy doesn't mind it because she still had more friends.Then she got married again to Bill Gates.I Know I SHOULDHT Say this but.....YUCK!!!!.

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