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It may look familiar, but this a different flag, so SHUT UP!

Map of UnAmerica

The United States of UnAmerica (pronounced N'Murica in some areas) is a country that is located on UnWorld. It was first founded in 1776 (though research shows that it has actually been an established country since 998224 BC, exactly one million years before that), and has since been one of the most powerful countries in the entire unworld.


A LONG Time Ago

A LONG time ago, a bunch of ancient guys from Siberia walked all the way to the continent North America. They decided this place didn't smell too bad, so they set up camp. Eventually, more and more people started invading this land until they all started living here. These people became known as Native UnAmericans, or Indians.

Before Creation

In 1500, some medival guys took their boats, and invaded this place. They slaughtered all of the Native UnAmericans (YOU MONSTERS!) and took their land. They set up basic civilizations that they lived in. They even made these weird things called cities! What's up with that?

Fighting for Independence

A few hundred years later, a bunch of the dudes didn't like the fact that guys from UnBritain claimed control over them. so, they made a small army, and said "WE DECLARE OUR INDEPENDENCE FROM YOU JERKS!" For some reason, the UnBritish found this insulting, and they declared war. The idiots fought each other for several years until some guys started screaming Babbleish. This scared the armies so much, they stopped fighting, and UnAmerica somehow got independence.

What's up with that?

Lost Territories

During SJW Civil War, Captain Marvel sought refuge in the states of California and New York. Thor took the armies of New Asgard and occupied them during the war. Following the final battle in Albany, New York, Thor illegally incorporated the two states into his new Asgardian Empire.


Now, UnAmerica is much larger, with bigger territory, a bigger military, and more money. They can blow stuff up even better now with new weapons and new technology. They appear to be getting ready for a war with the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire, as its Handpuppet ruler looks at UnAmericas wealth and power with envy.

Some of the states

Some cities in UnAmerica

Not all of them.

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