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The United 'Gees Galaxy is the galaxy in which Malleo, Weegee, and a lot of the Fakegees reside. Created by Pureegee, the United 'Gees Galaxy is in fact part of the larger UnUniverse. The United 'Gees Galaxy is made up of several planets and stars, some of which are uninhabitable. The Fakegees live in random and scattered parts. For example, Suteegee lives in the North, while Deegee lives near the Southeastern edge. Weegee himself lives in the Northern part of the galaxy, while Meegee lives in the Northwestern region and Greegee lives in the Northeastern. The technology of the United 'Gees Galaxy allows people to easily and quickly be transported across. To get across the entire galaxy could take less than a few days by commercial transport.

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