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Undefeatable Palace

Undefeatable Palace is the home and meeting place of the Undefeatables. Here, good and evil do not exist, as the Undefeatables all convene to discuss matters of cosmic importance regardless of their UnWorldly affiliations. In 2967, it was the battleground of the Battle of Undefeatable Palace, in which Chuck Norris revoked Cyber-Dee's Undefeatable status.

The palace's marble walls shine brighter than any star in the sky, standing stronger than any diamond. Its gold furnishings glimmer so brilliantly that no mortal can even look at them. Most importantly, the palace houses the magnificent UnRank Scales, which are used to measure the worth of every potential Undefeatable.

The building has 9001 rooms, 1234 parking garages, and 3 basements, all containing various stuffs, the top floors have rooms, while the basements have other stuff.


The Undefeatable Palace was created when Chuck Norris wanted a place for the Undefeatables to gather together in times of trouble, without any mortals disturbing them. He roundhouse-kicked reality itself, creating a new dimension in which neither good nor evil existed. Then, he manipulated the Forces of the UnUniverse to create a structure more magnificent than any mortal eye can fully behold, and connected it to the other dimensions with an invisible railroad. This railroad is only accessible to Thomas the Tank Engine, who ferries almost all the Undefeatables back and forth between dimension when he is called upon to do so.

UnRank Scales

The palace's most remarkable feature is the UnRank Scales, which were built to measure the worth of any aspiring Undefeatable. Chuck built them with his own hands after some mortals figured out a way to hijack Thomas the Tank Engine and repeatedly try to attack the Undefeatables. After several thousand attempts, this proved to be a minor nuisance, so Chuck made the newcomers balance on the UnRank scales to test their worth. Over the course of history, 27 people survived the test, being permitted to form the Lower Counsel of Undefeatables, with the original five Undefeatables forming the Upper Counsel.

Seal of Neutrality

The Seal of Neutrality is an invisible, intangible, magical seal that coats the walls of the Undefeatable Palace. After the conflict that caused the creation of Chuck Norris' Tear, the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables (which, at that time, was the only counsel) used its combined magic to create the Seal of Neutrality, which prevents the concepts of good and evil from existing within the palace. This is how Undefeatables of various affiliations, from Hyper Sonic to Cthulhu, can meet in the palace without killing each other. Throughout the history of the UnUniverse, the seal was only broken once, by the P.I.N.G.A.S. in 2401. This would later be a catalyst for the Battle of Undefeatable Palace.