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It all begins when the doctor was soaring around happily in her TARDIS. The TARDIS suddenly told her (yes the 13th doctor) that its asplodin' by accident while its actually being hacked by Alt 2.0. The tardis becomes ruble and doomified. (Its actually crashing) THen it swoopecd roght (swooped right) past the Zolar System! (Because of dud13 the Tardis was originally gonna crash land on Kittehlandia and the Doctor was gonna spontaneously be murdered by Teletubbies untill she reaches her 19th incarnation and yells "THAT ENOUGHT") the TARDIS suddenly crash landed someplace in Hell and the doctor tried to survive the heat. The parking lot is rumored to exist between the 10th and 11th circles of Hell this is the located parking space where Jodie Whittaker's TARDIS crashed and she tried to survive but miserably choked and nearly looked like she was about to combust (whilst for doctor who fans that is regeneration.)

The upgraded TARDIS

After her ship got hacked by alt 2.0, the doctor was on a spell to get dumb when angry so she wont kid nap anyone but the real person behind the scratch account, icansing. And then when she sees her delorean (the TARDIS) it has a totally wierd ambience now that she can tell. also the new interior looks simmilar to home dome (originally with a disk shaped control panel as the control module and a hippy cylinder glass casing with unedible hot dogs inside it on top.) (Well I shouldn't be one of the directors)

What you thought it was -1

What you were expecting...

Real picture

This is the real picture of the TARDIS

Tardis interior -2

This is a great example of what the TARDIS may have looked like inside. Well the Teletubbies were mentally frozen when they saw the photographer because its a accidental photo of Home Dome.

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