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UnWar II

May 31, 2020


June 2, 2020


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UnAnything Wiki didn't get deleted, MountWario and Cg097 got a Promotion.

Major battles

The battle for to keep UnAnything or delete it


Blue Shift

The Resistance




UnWar II (known on the poster as UnWar II: Return of the Aggro) is a great conflict between the creators, administrators, and users of the UnAnything Wiki. The war started when bottled up cringe towards articles from KATMAKROFAN and DaTenthGate burst. Two distinct factions formed, alongside a neutral one and a non-existent one.


As with any war, there are two opposing forces, there was going to be a third one called Opposing Force but the war ended before it formed. These factions are more or less people's stances on the UnAnything Wiki's potential deletion.

Blue Shift's want the the wiki to become "STATUS: OBSERVATION TERMINATED" while the resistance wants to resist having the wiki be terminated. As for Opposing force? You'll have to wait and see.

Of course all these factions's names (and the one that never began) are H λ L F - L I F E references because H λ L F - L I F E (and it's sequel) are cool. Then Neutral came around and all this complicated stuff about opposing force having no people yet was likely going to form from Fandom Staff joining the war, so all teams can't be H λ L F - L I F E.


Waters of Megalovania - Super Smash Bros. UItimate

The war's theme song

Members of Blue Shift

Members of The Resistance



KAKMAKROFAN disliked the wiki gary stu's, bans she had over the years, dead memes, UnUnification, the project to unite all UnWikis, being “too slow” and incomplete, and inconsistent canon, and made a blog post detailing her distress and supposedly contacted Wikia Staff to close this wiki.

The battle to keep UnAnything or delete it

1 hour and 36 minutes after the initial blog post, HippyDippyHoop6 expressed distaste in the wiki closing, followed by other people and formed what would now be called member of The Resistance. MountWario would make a really long reply like he usually does and compare it to the shame UnAnything Team Rampage, and create this page and voluntarily become a commander in the process.

However DaTenthGate the other bureaucrat after this would join KATMAKROFAN's side, forming Blue Shift. GNE0001 would make a thread asking KogaraAikoKun11 a question about wiki adoptions. Cg097 and KogaraAikoKun11 would participate in the discussion however they all got demoted and blocked for "planning a coup."

MountWario meanwhile would tell The Resistance in his call to action blog post what they could do to keep the wiki alive, followed by asking to adopt the wiki from KATMAKROFAN. This convinced KATMAKROFAN to promote MountWario's and Cg097 to bureaucrat status. MountWario minutes after the war ended would undo all blocks occurred during the war, leaving The Resistance victorious.


However tensions between the two co-powers arose months later, because you can't go back once you promote someone to bureaucrat... 5 months later, a new war would start when the users she promoted refused to let her back in... Read more at UnCold War.

Also of note, a month after the war KATMAKROFAN promoted VestaServal to bureaucrat, 2 months after the war MountWario promoted KogaraAikoKun11 to bureaucrat, and a few months after that in November, Cg097 voluntarily resided from Bureaucrat.

Sometime later, when we made the poster, KATMAKROFAN (now renamed KMFStudios) attempted to ignite another UnWar.. all over an original UnCharacter. Though skirmishes happened, they were ultimately defused the same day they were lighted.

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