A photo of the UnUnWorld from space.

The UnUnWorld is, to put it gently, a mistake. One day God was playing Minecraft on his computer when he learned about a cheat code that would download more RAM. He went to the website and copied and pasted the cheat code. Except he accidentally selected the entire UnWorld. He realized he could have some fun with this, so he went ahead and made a bunch of messed up versions of people from the UnWorld, just to be a jerk.


The UnUnWorld is in some ways an exact copy of the UnWorld.mIn other ways, it is an exact opposite. Sometimes, there are slight changes; in other ways the changes are just plain weird. For instance, the UnWorld looks like an cubic UnWorld from space, but it is called the "Orange Cube" because the UnUnWorldians call the color blue "orange".


Since the UnUnWorld is a copy of the UnWorld, everyone who lives in the UnWorld has an UnUnWorldian copy.


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