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The Minor Outlying Islands (also called the UnUS Minor Outlying Islands by UnAmericans) is a country ruled by Pedo Bear and claimed by the United States of UnAmerica.


In 480 BC, the Spartans had a large area of their country, including the city it was named after, taken over by the Persians. The Spartans, in response, looked for new land. They found a bunch of islands in the Southern Hemisphere and took them over. The islands were named the "Spartan Minor Outlying Islands", and thrived for years. However, in 12 BC, Pac-Man took over the area known as "Australia" and turned it into Pac-Land.

In 1922 AD, during the Squadala-Spartan-Soviet War, the Squadala Empire took over the Spartan Minor Outlying Islands and turned them into the "Squadala Minor Outlying Islands". This was short lived, however, as in 1927, Soviet Russia took over the islands, creating the "Soviet Minor Outlying Islands".

In 1942, Adolf Hitler took over the islands from Soviet Russia, creating the "German Minor Outlying Islands". In 1945, after the end of World War II, the Germans were forced to sign signed a treaty which gave the islands to United States of UnAmerica, creating the "US Minor Outlying Islands". In 1946, the Philippines declared independence from the US Minor Outlying Islands. Four years later, sentient trains took over Sodor.

In 1994, Sonic took over some of the islands, creating the Sonic Islands. In 2000, the Easter Bunny, who had just joined the Elmo Gang, took back Easter Island from the Minor Outlying Islands. Also in 2000, during the Videogame War, Pac-Land took over the Minor Outlying Island known as "New Zealand", as well as a few of the Sonic Islands. Two years later, Ducky took over the islands, creating the "Ducky Minor Outlying Islands". The UnAmericans, however, did not recognize Ducky's rule over the islands. In 2005, the letter X took over the islands, creating the "X Minor Outlying Islands". The UnAmericans didn't recognize his rule, either. In 2010, Pedo Bear, believing that they were called the "Outlying Minor Islands" and that they contained lots of outlying minors, took them over. X fled to Africa to create a new country. The UnAmericans don't recognize Pedo Bear's rule over the islands.

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