The UnRank Scales, standing in front of the Undefeatables' palace, with $ balancing on them for dramatic effect.

The UnRank Scales (also called the UnRanking Scales) are a set of golden scales the size of a skyscraper. They stand in front of the Undefeatable Palace and are used to measure the UnRank of an Undefeatable.


The UnRank Scales were first invented by Chuck Norris to measure the worth of an Undefeatable. Since the Undefeatables' true UnRanks are numerically immeasurable, Chuck Norris decided to invent these scales to compare the physical abilities of other Undefeatables. This is used to either initiate a new Undefeatable into the group, which seldom ever happens, or to expel a current Undefeatable, which is also a rare occurrence.


When someone decides they are no mere mortal, they are eligible to test for Undefeatability. The challenger must first try to climb into one of the golden pans. This is a challenge in itself, as the pans hang twenty feet in the air. If this challenge is completed, then the very Forces of the UnUniverse are placed in the other dish. At this point, Chuck Norris strikes the base of the scales. If the challenger has tamed the forces of the UnUniverse and is still standing despite a strike from Chuck Norris, he is initiated into the Undefeatables. If the challenger fails, he is consumed by the UnUniverse forever.

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