UnPanem is a communist country ruled by President Snow. It is the home of the Hunger Shames.


UnPanem was founded 80 years ago by WaDr. Robotnik. After 2 years of ruling he became too lazy to run a country so he gave President Snow rulership because the two were brothers. President Snow gave his other brothers WaRobotnikClause and WaWaMr. L spots in UnPanem's government. However UnPanem's inhabitants became tired of living in a communist country so they started an uprising. However, UnPanem's goverment (aka The Capitol) pwned them using Jabberjays and BEES!. As punishment for the uprising, every year some of UnPanem's children would fight each other in the Hunger Games until only one remained. Things went smoothly until Katniss Everdeen and other rebels destroyed the capitol, causing UnPanem's downfall. President Snow died and WaRobotnikClause and WaWaMr. L escaped to Southeast Hyrule.


Former Areas

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