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UnOpen Seson is a movie that was directed by Ganon himself and produced by Ganon also. The movie has many famous people starring in it including John Deer , John Doe , Leonardo DiCaprio , Cake Duck , Redneck Joe , Dr.Rabbit, Bugs Bunny , Colonial Chipmunk , Hot DOG , Spikey Brownie , Q Skunk , and Beaver Al .


The movie takes place in Pittsburgh and talks about the life of a grizzly bear (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and how he gets hunted a in a city along with his animal friends. The hunter, Redneck Joe, leads a group of hunters he calls, The Rednex . The Rednex hunt down the animals and eventually, the animals take them over and The Rednex are defeated.


The movie got mixed reviews with many as saying the movie got an "Un" for being too un-iness. That doesn't make sense but it probably means it was terrible.

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