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The UnMario Team is a group of people led by Bill Cosby who live in the UnMario Wiki. They were first assembled back in 2008 shortly after the wiki was created. Though the roster has changed drastically over the years, the team's purpose has always been to make UnMario Wiki awesome.

The UnMario Team was assembled in 2008 upon the creation of the UnMario Wiki. Though small, it managed to build up a basic wiki. The UnMario Team remained somewhat stable until the UnWar. Spammers had infiltrated the team and began spamming UnMario Wiki. Some of the UnMario Team branched off and became the vastly superior UnAnything Team. Some were killed in the line of duty. And some were just dumb.

Eventually the UnWar resolved itself and the post-war UnMario Team was built. The UnMario team is now as cool as the UnAnything Team. Many members of the UnMario Team are also active in UnAnything (making them even more awesome).

All in all, it's good they left for UnAnything before they discovered what Bill Cosby did.

There aren't much UnMario Team members anymore...

List of (Active) Members

Here they are.