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UnIntellivision is the evil computer built by M. Bison to take over the world (OF COURSE!!!).


First computers of M.Bison were awful. So he hired guys from Nintendo and they made HAL 9000. Dictator didn't approwed it. Later he hired guys from Microsoft and they made SkyNet. He didn't approwed it too. After Nintendo's HAL 9000, Microsoft's SkyNet, Valve's Glados, Captain Lou Albano's HAL 9001, Weegee's iPod Nano, Giygas' PSI AI, Sony's Playstation 3 and Philiphs' CD-i, M.Bison stoped it. (Later these computers will take over the UnUniverse).

One day M.Bison picked up microwave oven and fridge and made a computer of them. He called it UnIntellivision, because he had to connect it to TV.


UnIntellivision started to control Lazors when it was built. It was located in Canada, but when RobotnikClause returned it was moved to Brazil. Later UnIntellivision started the Nuclear War against Gamelon. But Duke Onkled destroyed its base alone and blew up the computer. But its hardrive with UnIntelliDOS was saved and send to Canada.

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The computer was rebuilt and now it works in I.M. Meen's library. But he will be back!!!

Powers controlled

UnIntellivision controlled many weapons. They include:


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