The UnHyperverse contains many UnOmniverses. Due to it’s large collection of universes, it is absolutely huge. They're mostly just "what-if" scenarios. The one thing persistent with all of these is the UnAnything Team.

List of UnOmniverses

  • Fourth Wall (No. 0) - Chuck Norris in this universe was born on March 10, 1940; way longer than the initial start of the UnOmniverse. It's pretty normal, and You live there.
  • UnOmniverse (No. 1) - The main UnOmniverse, created by NaN.
    • WaUnOmniverse (No. 1.1) Warui in this timeline tricks Chuck Norris into fully turning into WaChuck Norris instead of cloning a WaChuck Norris with the Wa-Machine. Warui after having full access to Chuck Norris's powers imploded everything into itself (except the Wario Bros. because they're both too precious to Warui), and gained 99.9 repeating% control of everything. He'd try spreading to other UnOmniverses trillions of times, but unfortunately was unable to break free, unable to construct anything meaningful with the plotholium due to the lack of knowledge. Warui would forever be in a sea of plotholium, and be sad at the same time. FOREVER. But at least Wario and Waluigi are still alive.
  • The Dark Goddess's Realm (No. 2) - This omniverse's version of NaN is known as "The Dark Goddess", and is very cruel and evil. She ripped off both of Chuck Norris's legs, blinded Weegee (making him unable to use his stare), used all the LOLcats (including Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat, and Happycat) to make Chinese food, smashed all the Infinity Stones into pieces, and did other unspeakable things to weaken the other Undefeatables of this omniverse.
  • Harold Potter Dimension (No. 3) - An UnOmniverse containing dimensions that strongly resemble the Harry Potter (Book series). Thor spent a number of years in this UnOmniverse searching for the Indigo Resurrection Stone operating under the alias Grindelwald, but could never find it. Hopping from universe to universe, he found a bunch of useless Resurrection Stones, but could never the prime. Before he left, he had an affair with one of the universes' Lily Potter's resulting in the birth of the prime Harold Potter. By some chance, this Harold would happen to find the Indigo Resurrection Stone some years later. He then formed a group called Dumbledore's Army devoted to tearing down the barrier between his dimension and the UnOmniverse so that he could return the stone to his father.
  • Pentadimensional Conglomeration (No. 4) - The PDC is the second-largest UnOmniverse (next to the UnOmniverse), but it differs significantly. It was created by a being called God, who closely resembles Waluigi. It consists of four key universes (and a number of micro-universes): two key universes created by Nigel, one by God and one created by an unknown cause. the UnAnything Team is aware of this UnOmniverse but doesn't come there much.
  • Stoopiverse (No. 5) - A place dabbled by a member of the UnAnything Team. One ͡ti͝me, a large rift opened between the S҉toopiv̛e̕r͡se and nor̀mal UnOmniverse, and th͞e UnAnything Team is ͟still tryiņg to repair the dam̴a͞ge͢s to this day.
  • Crimsonverse (No. 6) - There is no NaN in this omniverse. Nor is there many Undefeatables at all. Instead, Crimson rules here. He is quite possibly the most evil being of all time. Crimson regularly tortures everyone living under him. He likes their pain. He won't let many people die. He just wants to see suffering. This is a lost omniverse. There is no reclaiming it from Crimson.
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