The UnCalendar is the calendar used in Kittehlandia.

Months of the UnYear

There are 1478 days in an UnYear. There are 63 or more days in each month in a UnYear. The month with the most days is Fanumarch, with 392.


Fregley is the first month of the UnYear, named after a kid with glasses. It has 94 days. It also has many events, most of them related to eating or drinking.

Fregley Events

  • 21st: Tubby Toast Day
  • 34th: Drink Acid Day
  • 47th: Eat a Pie Day
  • 48th: First day of the golfing season
  • 82nd: Eat Remotes Day


Yug is the second month of the UnYear. It has 63 days.

Yug Events


Mentil is the third month of the UnYear. It has 167 days.

Mentil Events

  • 1st: Mentil fools!
  • 5th: Start of Obey Chuck Norris Parade
  • 134th: End of Obey Chuck Norris Parade


Lontos is the fourth month of the UnYear. It has 123 days.

Lontos Events

  • 1st: Create a virus day
  • 12th: Smack another clown day
  • 123rd: Kill a clown day


Meenei is the fifth month of the UnYear. It has 81 days.

Meenei Events

Flaap Jaack

Flaap Jaack is the sixth month of the UnYear. It has 261 days.

Flaap Jaack Events

  • 38th: National Teletubbies Appreciation Day
  • 127th: Expand Dong Day


Teigareeoh is the seventh month of the UnYear. It has 211 days.

Teigareeoh Events

Shupa Yug

Shupa Yug is the eighth month of the UnYear. It has 86 days, but almost every day is a holiday.

Shupa Yug Events

  • 1st: Ending of the Bonzi Buddy Festival
  • (more coming soon)


Fanumarch is the ninth month of the UnYear. It has 392 days, but only one holiday - UnChristmas, celebrated on the 372nd day of Fanumarch.


Meentoug is the tenth and last month of the UnYear. It has 223 days.

Days of the UnWeek

There are 5 days in an UnWeek: Xlrp, Trilp, Grop, Tollip, and Frydoy.

m's, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds

Same as DUMBST, but slowed down to adjust for Kittehlandia's different rotation period.


  • One second in Kittehlandia time is 2.5 seconds in Real World time.
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