You're about to sign up right now? WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! Not so fast, hubbub! Please read the guidelines before doing anything (or UN-anything) on this wiki!

The following is the official doctrine of the UnAnything administration. That means this is some serious crap.

Above all, use your common sense. If you don't have any common sense, you don't belong here (that's what the madhouse is for). Breaking these rules is not tolerated and is punishable by Ban Hammer.

General Rules

These rules apply mostly to discussions, but extend to everywhere else on the wiki, so they're important!

Major Offenses

You will be punished at the moderator's discretion for committing one of these offenses. These are severe infractions that will get you blocked for a lengthy amount of time, no questions asked. You're supposed to obviously NOT do these things.

  • Harassment/Flaming Do not do anything with the intention/malice to provoke or insult another user. You know you don't need to, so just don't do it.
  • Raiding: Do not call for an invasion here, or call an invasion here. All offenders will get blocked.
  • Graphic Material: Do not include any material whether text or pictures depicting graphic violence or pornographic content. You can mention that someone is not wearing clothes or is being tortured, but do not go into detail. Innuendo is permitted.
  • Sockpuppetry: Sockpuppets are duplicate/alternate accounts owned by the same user. The only time a user should have more than one account is if he or she lost access to the first account for whatever reason. No user should simultaneously be using two or more accounts. Duplicate accounts will be banned permanently and offenders punished at the administrator's discretion.
  • Bad Usernames: Any user with a directly offensive or insulting username (Especially towards our Administrators and Bureaucrats) will be blocked from editing immediately. A person may be unblocked if their username has changed.

Minor Offenses

Though these are not as extreme as major offenses, they are still not tolerated. However, these can generally be overlooked if the offending user is cooperative. You'll be warned by your local administrator if they notice you breaking these, and if you become a nuisance you'll get blocked from editing.

  • Hate Pages/Ranting: Do not create an article or talk page topic with the sole purpose of being hateful or ranting about something. This wiki is not here for you to rant about things.
  • Poor Quality Editing: We expect all of your edits to make sense and to be written well. This includes vandalism which is the poorest quality of editing, read more on the Page Rules section for further detail about vandalism.
  • Short Pages: Most pages should be of noteworthy length, and if they aren't they'll get deleted; see the Page Rules for further detail.
  • Drama: Don't bring drama over from other wikis/groups to ours, it's not cool, and better off left to be taken care of at the original source.
  • Unneeded Categories: Do not add categories that do not apply to the page. Bowser is not a bird, and he should not be added to Category:Birds. In addition to this, do not make up a category unless it can be used on several pages.
  • Pointsgaming: Under no circumstances should you make unneeded or counter-productive edits to get a badge or for any other competitive reason. Examples of pointsgaming includes including irrelevant pictures onto pages or editing numerous times without doing anything constructive.
  • Claiming Ownership: No user "owns" any part of this wiki. With the exception of your own user page and disputed articles, you can't claim any page is yours. Though you are in charge of what goes on your user page, it must still follow the UnAnything rules.

Page Rules

The page rules apply to pretty much everything here on the wiki, of course when adding to The Game, you don't need to have sufficient page length because it's The Game, and also these don't apply to your user page/profile, so don't worry about cramming your thesis of why Spaghetti is the best DINNER in there just to meet the page length requirement or remove the automatically placed image placeholder on your profile.

Page Length

Pages created must have a considerable length. One paragraph or less will be deleted without debate. Pages with under two full paragraphs may also be deleted, though the user may be given a chance to improve the page. It is generally advised that there be several (not to be confused with the number 7) paragraphs of text. Possible exceptions might be made for gag or gimmick articles such as Heron.

If you can't make an article of sufficient length but want to write parts of it down, you can do so under your user page.

Do not expect any images you've uploaded to a deleted page to stay around, because those will get deleted too. But if you really need your (EMPHASIS ON YOUR...!) image back, you can contact an admin or moderator and they can give it back to you. Unless it's graphic or something and in that case, you'll get blocked for scarring us, so trolls: don't get blocked!


Don't go maliciously degrading pages to make UnAnything worse on purpose. We believe you already kind-of know what vandalism is, it's what guests do in RollerCoaster Tycoon when they're mad it's making abusive edits like blanking pages, inserting hateful stuff and spam. It's not vandalism if you just change a page in a way that's perfectly acceptable from a neutral point of view.


You must add categories before or right after you publish a page. Most pages will fall into "Category:Guys" or "Category:Stuff". A full list of categories can be found here. When creating a category, you must categorize that category with appropriate categories to make navigation easier. Please also provide a couple of lines of text inside the category page, an example would be the one for the guys category.

Notes Within Pages

Please do not leave any form of note within a page if at all possible. This means you should not sign the page or leave us a note talking about the page.

Grammar/Sentence Structure

Unless you have a specific reason (for example Yoda or Dr. Seuss) not to use conventional grammar, write all pages in a way most people can comprehend. If you can't write at the level expected of someone in middle/high school, come back in a few years when you've learned how. Creativity is key!

This is a placeholder. It's very ugly.


Don't leave an image/video placeholder on a page. Also don't include broken file links; just don't. While it's not a requirement and will not be enforced, it is recommended when uploading images/video to categorize the media with image related categories (E.g. Images of Guys, Images of Captain 0 and Images of Stuff.) Make sure to follow the categories rule above when creating new categories.

Formatting Rules

When creating a page or adding to it, it is important that it is formatted correctly to our policy, for wiki consistency.

  • The first time the topic is mentioned, it should be in bold.
  • Link to pages that exist when applicable, like making Mario into Mario. You should only link to the same thing once, unless additional links are beneficial in which case link to Link as much as you want. Additionally if a prominent character/place/object such as Luigi is in the article but the page hasn't written yet, you will have to link to it even if no page exists (hence, the red link.) General items such as propane don't have to be linked if they don't exist, but if they do like milk, then you should link to it if you are aware of it's existence.
  • If a page is long enough to have sections, use headers to divide sections. If you want to divide these sections into subsections, use sub-headings.
  • Media should generally be easy to see, not too big and not too small. Videos are recommended to be 400 pixels wide for embedded playback, but because of UCP being UCP don't do that, make it smaller than 400 pixels wide so they don't embed stupidly.
  • Lists should be made using either automatic bullets or automatic numbering, and if that don't work use more gun line breaks.
  • Infoboxes may be used on the specific page they were designed for ({{Character Infobox}} for characters, {{War}} for wars, {{Entertainment Infobox}} for tv shows and stuff, {{Species Infobox}} for species).
  • Use English to make stuff easier to read, unless you instead like french. But if another language version is REALLY necessary, you can put in something like Yoshi/es. If a language gets big enough, you may want to look into this.


Articles shouldn't be too informative, that's what Wikipedia is for! What we mean is that a page shouldn't have credible sources, or be a ripoff Know Your Meme article. Other than that you're free to write whatever, unless of course it breaks the rules. In that case, we ask thee to prithee transport thyself to Teletubby Land Acid Lake.

Template Placement Style Guide

When adding a notice to a page, it's good to know which notices have priority over others, and where to place templates. This style guide is mostly a reminder not to do egregious things like put a Character Infobox above a notice and having a giant gap of nothing to the left, but other than that extreme example just use common sense, and if you see things out of order just fix it.


Notices are the rounded box templates like "This article is wanted!" or "This page is protected." All of these are to be placed at the top of an article, above pictures and text. Stub is a notable exception to this, and we'll get to that in a little bit.

  1. {{Delete}} and it's variants are always #1, followed by protection, and then by other maintenance templates. Deletion should never be included inside of a {{Multiple Issues}}
  2. {{WANTED}}
  3. {{Construction}}/{{Construction Alt}}
  4. Fun stuff, and in no particular order.
  5. Dispute stuff

Bottom Stuff

  1. {{Succession}} and stuff like that
  2. The {{Stub}} notice, usually a little below the last paragraph of text. Can be either below or above the above depending on which looks better.
  3. {{Louie}}
  4. Other fun stuff if applicable
  5. {{Final Smash}}
  6. {{Undefeatables}} navigation box, and only if that character is an undefeatable.
  7. Other navigation boxes


  • Section stub or section redlink stuff should go above the section the template specifies is bad, and below headings.
  • Infoboxes should be below notices, and above the bottom stuff.

Character Creation Rules

So in recent years everyone on the wiki wanted to make the next Chuck Norris, these rules are here to discourage that.

  • Do not make your character REALLY overpowered (or "OP"). Guide: If it's more powerful than Weegee, then it's slightly OP. If it's more powerful than Chuck Norriseegee, then it's kinda OP. If it's more powerful than Asplode Tinky Winky, then it's OP. If it's more powerful than Chuck Norris, it's REALLY OP and therefore DISALLOWED!
  • Do not give your character powers over every element (earth, fire, wind, water, metal, wood, heart, etc. etc.); this is most definitely OP.
  • If you make a bad guy, do not make all the bad guys and good guys team up against them. This is a sign of bad storytelling.
  • Do not make a character that can magically make bad guys good. Just DON'T.
  • Generally any of the bad things mentioned in Maintenance Project: Nerf the OP Gary Stus!
    • Don't go overboard with Wa-guys if they have nothing to offer other than being more powerful than the last. (Of course, there's no stopping Tinky Winky)

Blog Post/Forum Rules

Creating forums or a blog post really isn't that big of a deal. Your post may be deleted if it doesn't follow these rules, so just follow these simple rules on top of the general rules:

  • Spam: Don't create a ridiculous amount of forums or blog posts. We don't need 100 different things explaining why you love cheese.
    • Shitposting: Please keep shitposts in Do whatever you want
  • Keep it civil: Don't make forums or blog posts just to flame or hate. We don't like Justin Bieber either, but everyone else don't want to hear 'bout it.
  • Roleplaying: Don't touch the Role Play forums unless you are role playing. If you want to be in a role play, just ask the people in the role play. 99% of the time, you'll be allowed to join.
  • Language: Write in English or else we can't understand you.
  • Posting forums in the wrong category: Please make your posts in the most appropriate category, or else we'll have to move them to the right one. You know, talk about general wiki stuff or recent happenings can happen in General, make something engaging in Fun and Games, ask questions in Questions and Answers, and post your dankest memes in Memes.

Article Disputes

So you've made an article and then someone alters it in a way you don't like and you say NO! THAT'S WRONG! and revert their edits, but then they've come back! And they've reverted it back to their version, and before you know it you're now in an edit war! That's never good, but don't worry! You can just split the page into your version, and their version, with the Disputed template on the original, and everyone will be happy in the end.

If a bureaucrat is involved, you can put the Disputed Bureaucrat template instead, and if the user with power is not co-operative and just deletes one version, or all of them without the dispute being resolved, this will count as a major offense against them. If the bureaucrat involved doesn't like your page: hoo boy, you're gonna have a bad time AND better call saul.

  • Ownership: Please keep in mind an owner of a disputed article has the right to undo your contributions to their article, and if you don't like it you can make contributions to the other guy's article, or make your own. The better article will win in the end anyways (figuratively speaking.) If it is unclear who the owner of a page truly is, as there may be multiple contributors making about equal contribution, the page should be labeled as the community's version.
  • "Definitive Editions": A thing you can't do once an article has become disputed is to change all the links on the wiki to links to a version of an article you prefer or, link to a particular version in an article you don't technically own. If in a single page you need to link to one version, you have to provide to a admin or bureaucrat beforehand good reasoning for doing so.
  • Neutral point of view (NPOV): All text relating to the dispute should be neutral in tone, no exceptions. If an the case a central article dispute page cannot be made due to a name change, the later revision will be considered a fork of the original.
  • No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man: Just like Wikipedia, don't climb random buildings to win a dispute.
These disputes and dispute rules are a band-aid solution here to prevent all-out wars between our users, our administrators, and our bureaucrats. We hope you don't mind them too much, and as time progresses we probably will find a better solution.

Talk Page Rules

Talk about the page, and not about something unrelated like that time Peter Griffin outfarted Michael Moore. Assume good faith, and be civil. Follow the general rules, and be nice. Use common your sense essentially. Please sign anything you add onto a talk page with "~~~~".

If you're sure a page should be deleted, add the deletion template to the page instead of adding a topic, and one of our administrators will judge it.

Copying From Other Wikis

It's one thing to make an article, but it's another just to blatantly steal someone else's work and generally, the page will be deleted. An exception to this rule is if it's a really old revision of an UnMario article just like when the wiki was being started a long time ago, or if it's in good faith to preserve endangered humor. Discretion and common sense applies, so these exceptions might not always apply.

If it's your own work you are copying, make sure it aligns with UnContinuity and has UnAnything categories, unless of course new categories would benefit the article.

Template Creation Rules

While everything else is fun and all, you might want to make a template for lulz on a page or just for a new userbox. That's cool, but make sure that you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Function: Templates should serve some function, humor, information, navigation, and something. If it's purpose is unclear you can expect it to be deleted.
  • Userboxes: When making a new userbox, make sure it's appropriate and fits well with the theme of UnAnything.
  • Maintenance: While having more maintenance templates is cool, you will have to get prior planning permission and discuss it with an administrator or bureaucrat before making one. Exception is content moderators who can get planning permission from themselves, but they can't give planning permission to others!
  • Other: If you're unsure about a template, you can just ask one of our administrators or bureaucrats if it is ok.

Administrator Rules

The following are a special set of rules that apply specifically to administrators, though all users are encouraged to read them, especially if they get blocked. If you feel an administrator has violated any of these rules, simply contact a different administrator (don't contact the same one, because then you'd be stupid).

Rule Rewriting

All edits to the rules should follow in the faith of our wiki's elders, rules shouldn't be edited to suit or better fit in with one's agenda or add an arbitrary exception. Usually most edits to the rules are fixing loopholes or clarifying something ambiguous, but rule edits should generally not conflict with each other and should aim to "serve UnAnything with pride!"

Page Deletion

As an administrator, you have the power to delete any page at any time. As fun as it may sound to delete every page on the wiki for the lulz, doing this will instantly have you demoted. There are a few guidelines for when you should delete pages:

  • Blank Pages: If you find a blank page, check the page history. If it was blank the whole time, delete it. If it the content was recently removed, just put the content back.
  • Short Pages: If the page is anywhere between one letter and one paragraph, you may delete it without question. If there is anything more than 3, it should be fine. If you still believe it should be deleted, put the deletion template at the top so it can be discussed.
  • Poor Quality Pages: If a page is spam, vandalism, extremely vulgar, or otherwise of significantly poor quality, delete it on sight.
  • Other: If you have any other reason to delete a page (such as a page that is of somewhat poor quality or does not follow the wiki's style), put a deletion template at the top of the page so it can be discussed.

Page Protection

Generally, pages should not be protected if they don't need to be. The whole point of the wiki is that anyone can edit it. Pages should only be protected in certain circumstances:

  • Edit Wars: If two or more users are constantly undoing each other's edits, protect the page until a reasonable solution can be found. If you are one of the warring users, do not use page protection to get your way.
  • Regularly Vandalized Pages: If a page is of a particularly interesting or controversial topic, the odds of it being vandalized increase. If certain pages seem to be vandalized often, they may need to be protected.
  • Main Page stuff or widespread templates: You can protect these as they're kind-of important, and you may also protect the images used on maintenance templates.
  • WANTED articles: WANTED articles are to be protected so that only admins/moderators can move the page, and editing to autoconfirmed users. They're the best pages this wiki has to offer and should be treated as such!

Blocking Users

Users are your friends; don't block them unless they stop being your friends. Permanent blocking should generally be reserved for serious offenders or repeat offenders of the rules, and the message wall should always be enabled most of the time. Make the duration of all blocks reasonable to the offense commited. Remember that you can not block a user unless they have somehow violated UnAnything Policy, this isn't a place to enact Twitter style cancelling and deplatform someone. Preemptive blocking should only be reserved for the most extreme circumstances, and should serve to protect UnAnything from serious potential harm. You can add {{Block}} to a user's profile once they've been blocked to further elaborate on why they've been blocked or to give them advice.

Burden of proof

Someone's contributions will usually show which way they've broken the rules, and that's good enough proof to back up your block reason. However, if it's not so clear as a sock puppet which can be hard to prove but easy to accuse, you can just put this information into the block template's "Additional Reasoning" section. And if that don't work, use more gun you can put the evidence on their user page or message wall, unless it's reeaaally obvious and anyone with common sense could testify that THAT is an alt. (e.g. Captain1Rules comes back on Captain1Rulez, Captain1Rules2, or CaptainIRules)

For vandalism, assume good faith and use common sense. If someone goes around blanking every page, they're probably bad and you probably would need the help of SOAP if it's really severe. But if they're just changing minor details in a way that's a little bit objectively worse than the original, you can just revert and forget about it, and if they fight back you can probably make the article disputed via the whole dispute process.

Administrator Expectations

As an administrator you are expected to serve UnAnything with pride! If not, you shall be put to death. Not really; our lawyers have advised us to stop executing our administrators. Of course, our lawyers are cats, so what do they know? Anyways, there are a few other guidelines that you should follow:

  • Use your common sense.
  • Being an administrator does not make you exempt from any other rules.
  • Use your common sense.
  • Know that violating any of these rules could potentially lose you your administrator privileges.
  • Use your common sense.
  • Don't deplatform people.
  • Just use your common sense you idiot!


Some things we haven't covered in any of the other rules but are still worth mentioning are:

  • Administrators are by no means exempt from any of the rules. Should an administrator be found breaking a rule, they should be treated just like any other user. Report them to a Bureaucrat and the bureaucrat will take action accordingly.
  • Fandom Terms Of Use and Fandom Community Guidelines also apply to this wiki, not to imply they haven't. Violations of these are handled differently, as you don't have to consult an Administrator and can go to either the community central forum or Special:Contact to contact Fandom directly.
  • If you have any questions about these rules or anything else, do not hesitate to ask one of the active administrators. If you feel something on this list should be added or changed, say so here
  • Direct swearing in articles, talk pages, or chat is allowed. Censorship using asterisks (f***!) or a series of random symbols (f#$&!) is fine if you don't want to swear; however slurs of any kind are NOT tolerated and fall under harassment and will get you blocked from editing, even if you're in part of the group the slur is directed to.
  • As you're now done reading all of our rules and regulations, feel free to tell us about yourself on your profile page!

Important footnote, but if you have questions after reading our rules, you might wanna check us out at these places.

  • UnAnything FANDOM Forum Our general forums for general stuff, a WANTED poll here, a meme there, a good place to start.
  • UnAnything Reddit We have a reddit, but I'm really not at liberty to say what the intentions of Yoshiman1 are with this place. More info coming soon! (Courtesy of Yoshiman1)
  • UnAnything Discord Our discord where you'll get the fastest response from the moderation team. (Courtesy of VestaServal)
Please know that external discussions may be moderated differently, and be subject to their own rules.

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