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UnAnything Policy
Main Rules
Manual of Style

You're about to sign up right now? WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! Not so fast, hubbub! Please read the guidelines before doing anything (or UN-anything) on this wiki!

The following is the official doctrine of the UnAnything administration. That means this is some serious crap.

Above all, use your common sense. If you don't have any common sense, you don't belong here (that's what the madhouse is for). Breaking these rules is not tolerated and is punishable by the Ban Hammer.

General Rules

These rules apply mostly to discussions, but extend to everywhere else on the wiki, so they're important!

Major Offenses

You will be punished at the moderator's discretion for committing one of these offenses. These are severe infractions that will get you blocked for a lengthy amount of time, no questions asked. You're supposed to obviously NOT do these things.

  • Harassment/Flaming: Do not do anything with the intention/malice to provoke or insult another user. You know you don't need to, so just don't do it.
  • Vandalism: You will not go maliciously degrading pages to make UnAnything worse on purpose, or go around making abusive edits like blanking pages, or insert hateful stuff and spam among other high crimes and misdemeanors. It's not vandalism if you just change a page in a way that's perfectly acceptable from a neutral point of view.
  • Raiding: Do not raid this wiki or get others to do so. Do not request the users of this wiki go raid some place. All participants/offenders will get blocked. Getting people who are not from UnAnything to vote on polls is also raiding.
  • Explicit Content: Including in any form on this wiki (text, images, hyperlinks) to material that depicts pornography, nudity, graphic violence, screamers and gore, is grounds to get you blocked. You can mention that someone is not wearing clothes, or was being tortured, but do not go any further than that. Innuendo and double ententes by all means are permitted. Fetish content (transformation, inflation, etc) falls under this rule also, as it makes most people uncomfortable.
  • Sockpuppetry: Sockpuppets are duplicate/alternate accounts owned by the same user. The only time a user should have more than one account is if they lost access to the first account for whatever reason, but as not to bypass a block permanent or otherwise. No user should simultaneously be using two or more accounts. Duplicate accounts will be blocked permanently and offenders punished at the administrator's discretion.
  • Bad Usernames: Any user with a directly offensive or insulting username (Especially towards our administrators and bureaucrats) will be blocked from editing immediately. A person may be unblocked if their username has changed.
  • Personal Information Gathering/Sharing (TMI): Do not share, or get someone to tell you IRL information about one's self. This includes, but is not limited to: a person's name, state or province, date of birth, medical conditions, and or other information that could be used to find out who someone is. We want this wiki to be a safe environment for everyone, so please keep the Real World in the Real World, and the UnWorld in the UnWorld.

Minor Offenses

Though these are not as extreme as major offenses, they are still not tolerated. However, these can generally be overlooked if the offending user is cooperative. If your local administrator notices you breaking these, you may be warned or blocked for a short while, and if you become a nuisance, you'll definitely get blocked.

  • Claiming Ownership: No user "owns" any part of this wiki. With the exception of your own user page and its subpages, you can't claim any page is yours. Though you are in charge of what goes on your user page, it must still follow the UnAnything rules. The default is "I don't want people editing my page.", so don't edit other peoples pages unless you have a good reason to do so.
  • Short Pages: Most pages you make should be of noteworthy length, and if they aren't they'll get deleted (or more likely stay that way forever); see the Page Rules for further detail.
  • Refusal to read and to adhere to the Manual of Style: Do not ignore suggestions from our staff to read and to follow the Manual of Style if you have been requested to do so. We don't want our pages looking like messes, so please read it.
  • Unneeded Categories: Do not add categories that do not apply to the page. Bowser is not a bird, and he should not be added to Category:Birds. In addition to this, do not make up a category unless it can be used on multiple pages.
  • Pointsgaming: Under no circumstances should you make unneeded or counter-productive edits to get a badge or for any other competitive reason. Examples of pointsgaming includes including irrelevant pictures onto pages or editing numerous times without doing anything constructive.
  • Hate Pages/Ranting: Do not create an article, talk page, forum, blog post, you name it with the sole purpose of being hateful or ranting about something. This wiki is not here for you to rant about things.
  • Messing with Admin stuff: If you don't have access to Special:AchievementsCustomize, don't mess with our badges in any way, shape, or form. And if you aren't an admin, don't go adding the protection templates or sacred to pages.

Page Creation Rules

Follow the Manual of Style when writing pages. If you don't follow it and write incomprehensible messes, you'll get a warning first BUT THEN AFTER THAT if your edits are more harmful than helpful you may be blocked from editing.

Page Creation

Pages must be created with considerable length. One paragraph or less will be deleted without debate. Two paragraphs may also be deleted; the user may be given aid, or a chance to improve the page, but the status of stub can NOT be invoked or granted to newly created pages. It is advised that pages contain at least 3-4 paragraphs of text. If a page after creation falls under the threshold after numerous revisions, stub status may be added.

If it be inherently humorous, gag/gimmick articles such as Heron may be granted exceptions to page length rules.

If you can't make an article of sufficient length but want to write parts of it down, you can do so under your user page. There, they'll be safe, unless a certain admin decides to delete them for not liking you, in which case we'll try to help.

Redirect Creation

Do not make a redirect unless it serves a purpose, like Satan leading to Bob Saget. (Bob Saget is Satan)

Image Deletion

Do not expect any images you've uploaded to a deleted page to stay around, because there's a chance those will get deleted too, especially if they're graphic. But if you really need your (EMPHASIS ON YOUR...!) image back, you can contact an admin or moderator and they can undelete it, unless it's graphic or something and in that case, you'll get blocked for scaring us.

Template Creation

While everything else is fun and all, you might want to make a template for lulz on a page or just for a new userbox. That's cool, but make sure that you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Function: Templates should serve some function: humor, information, navigation, and something. If it's purpose is unclear, redundant, or clashes with other templates, you can expect it to be deleted. New maintenance templates are HEAVILY scrutinized, however you won't be punished for making something unless it contradicts these rules.
  • Userboxes: When making a new userbox, make sure it's appropriate and fits well with the theme of UnAnything.
  • Other: If you're unsure about a template, you can just ask one of our administrators or bureaucrats if it is ok.

Character Creation Rules

So in recent years everyone on the wiki wanted to make the next Chuck Norris, these rules are here to discourage that.

  • Do not make your character REALLY overpowered (or "OP", pronounced "oh-pee", as in "oh pee, it's Mary Sue herself!!1"). Guide: If it's more powerful than Weegee, then it's slightly OP. If it's more powerful than Chuck Norriseegee, then it's kinda OP. If it's more powerful than Asplode Tinky Winky, then it's OP. If it's more powerful than Chuck Norris, it's REALLY OP and therefore DISALLOWED!
  • Try not to give your character powers over every element (earth, fire, wind, water, metal, wood, heart, etc. etc.); this is almost definitely OP. Counterexample includes Miracle Matter.
  • If you make a bad guy, do not make all the bad guys and good guys team up against them. This is a sign of bad storytelling. Example(s) include pre-retcon Bob.
  • Do not make a character that can magically make bad guys good. Just DON'T. Examples include the pre-KamafAzure War Tierboskat.
    • Don't turn bad guys into good guys on their own, either. Captain 1 is always gonna be a bad guy, and the villain of our wiki.
    • Tying into who this line is referring to (a former character of Vesta's), don't slap your character's name all over the place like an overzealous Phil Swift. This is Black Hole Sue/Stuing, and like all Sue/Stuing, it's bad.
  • Generally any of the bad things mentioned in Nerf the OP Gary Stus!
    • Don't go overboard with Wa-guys if they have nothing to offer other than being more powerful than the last. (Of course, there's no stopping Tinky Winky; it's a running joke)
    • This is where the definition of "vanity page" comes from, being "on the same level as Undefeatables or grounded powerful characters that aren't OP Gary Stus."

Discussion Rules

Creating forums, a blog post, or messaging someone (a discussion) really isn't that big of a deal. But your words may be deleted if it doesn't follow these rules, so just follow these simple rules on top of the general rules:

  • Spam: Don't create a ridiculous amount of discussions. We don't need 100 different blog posts or forums explaining why you love cheese, and someone definitely doesn't need to know 100 times you want to do a Waluigi collab with someone.
  • Shitposting: Please keep low quality posts in Do anything you want, unless it's a meme and it goes in Memes.
  • Keep it civil: Don't create discussions just to flame or hate. We don't like Justin Bieber either, but everyone else don't want to hear 'bout it.
  • Roleplaying: Don't touch the Roleplay Zone unless you are roleplaying. If you want to be in a roleplay, just ask the people in the roleplay. 99% of the time, you'll be allowed to join, if it's actually active, that is.
  • Language: Write in English or else we can't understand you; we're an English-speaking wiki and our moderators mostly speak English only, and it's hard to moderate different language discussions.
  • Posting forums in the wrong category: Please make your posts in the most appropriate category, or else we'll have to move them to the right one and maybe block you for an hour. You know, talk about general wiki stuff or recent happenings can happen in General, make something engaging in Fun & Games, ask meaningful questions in Questions & Answers, and post your dankest memes in Memes.

Talk Page Rules

Talk about the page, and not about something unrelated like that time Peter Griffin outfarted Michael Moore. Assume good faith, and be civil. Follow the general rules, and be nice. Use common your sense essentially. Please sign anything you add onto a talk page with "~~~~".

If you're sure a page should be deleted, add the deletion template instead of just asking in the talk page so our administrators can judge it faster.


It's one thing to make an article, but it's another just to blatantly steal someone else's work and generally, the page will be deleted. An exception to this rule is if it's a really old revision of an UnMario article just like when the wiki was being started a long time ago, or if it's in good faith to preserve endangered humor. If the content has a CC-BY-SA license attached (like UnMario) then you must give credit to them. This can be done via {{Copypasta}}. Discretion and common sense applies, so exceptions might not always apply, as you will obviously not copy-pasta the entire Minecraft wiki on here without UnAnything being dead which will never happen. But if the UnAnything Wiki is dead then you may want to look into adopting it.

If it's your own work you are copying, make sure it makes sense inside the realm of UnAnything, and has UnAnything categories, unless of course new categories would benefit the article. If you're copying someone else's work onto this wiki or your page got modified by someone else before being copied over to here, please put {{Copypasta}} on top, and link to the original.

Administrator Rules

The following are a special set of rules that apply specifically to administrators, though all users are encouraged to read them, especially if they get blocked. If you feel an administrator has violated any of these rules, simply contact a different administrator (don't contact the same one, because then you'd be stupid). If you know an administrator or bureaucrat has blocked you not for a reason specified in the rules, tell FANDOM.


"Serve UnAnything with pride!" is the mission of the these rules of this here UnAnything Wiki. That goal, comes before all else: providing a safe, peaceful, and welcoming environment for the people to write well-constructed non-sense. If a rule is made that violates that, it's not a rule no longer and shall be amended out; If a line in the sand must be drawn on something ambiguous: draw it, so no user feels unjustly punished for what they have, or have not done.

Page/File Deletion

As an administrator, you have the power to delete any page or any image at any time. As fun as it may sound to delete everything on the wiki for the lulz, doing this will instantly have you demoted. Here's some examples of when to delete:

  • Blank Pages: If you find a blank page, check the page history. If it was blank the whole time, delete it. If it the content was recently removed, just put the content back and punish the guy who removed it. If it's the author who's doing this, they might want their page deleted!
  • Author's request: If a single, prominent person, made a page, and they put a deletion template or in some other way clearly indicated they don't want the page they've created on this wiki, you are free to delete it. If more people are involved, use your best judgements, and try and lean to the side of "keep".
  • Poor Quality Pages: If a image or page is spam, vandalism, extremely vulgar, graphic, pornographic, discrimitory, or otherwise of significantly poor quality, delete it on sight.
  • Short Pages: If the page is anywhere between one letter and one paragraph, you may delete it without question. If there is anything more than 3, it should be fine.
  • Other: If a page/image otherwise violates the rules, make it go bye-bye. Of course there's more reasons why you might wanna delete stuff, so keep to common sense as always.

If you're on the fence on whether or not a page should stay, put the deletion template at the top so it can be discussed by people and by admins.

Page Protection

Generally, pages should not be protected if they don't need to be. The whole point of a wiki is that anyone can edit it. Pages should only be protected in certain circumstances:

  • Edit Wars: If two or more users are constantly undoing each other's edits, protect the page until a reasonable solution can be found. If you are one of the warring users, do not use page protection to get your way.
  • Regularly Vandalized Pages: If a page is of a particularly interesting or controversial topic, the odds of it being vandalized increase. If certain pages seem to be vandalized often, they may need to be protected.
  • Main Page stuff or widespread templates: You can protect these as they're kind-of important, and you may also protect the images used on maintenance templates.
  • WANTED articles: WANTED articles are to be protected so that only admins/moderators can move the page, and editing to autoconfirmed users. They're the best pages this wiki has to offer and should be treated as such!
  • Other Important Stuff: If any the above does not cover what you want to protect and it's for some reason or another important, you give "additional reason"ing to why you think what you want to protect is important.

Blocking Users

Users are your friends; don't block them unless they stop being your friends. Permanent blocking should generally be reserved for serious offenders or repeat offenders of the rules, and the message wall should always be enabled outside of when they harass you. Make the duration of all blocks reasonable to the offense committed, and the block reason describes what they were blocked for.

Remember that you can not block a user unless they have somehow violated UnAnything Policy on the UnAnything Wiki, this isn't a place to enact Twitter style cancelling, and it's also against FANDOM's blocking policy to do so. Add {{Block}} to a user's profile once they've been blocked as standard procedure (unless it's an sockpuppet and you can't be bothered), as well as to further elaborate on why they've been blocked or to give them advice. Users have the right to discuss their block with you on Community Central as long as they're respectful towards you. If they stop being respectful, you may choose to ask them to stop messaging you. If they insult you, are verbally abusive towards you, or keep messaging you after you asked them to stop, you may lengthen their block independently of the offense.

You are not to purge someone or someone's contributions from existence if they've been blocked, that's mean and you don't do that. However, if it is someone evading blocks to make edits, you are free to erase any and all contributions the sockpuppet(s) create to UnAnything, irregardless of their quality, as that is your administrator discretion.

If you don't block users who violate the rules, and are shown to be compliant in their actions time and time again, you may get your admin privileges revoked (OR WORSE...!) But you may choose not to block someone if they violated a rule a really long time ago.

Also, speak civilly to the people you block, including in the block settings.

Promoting Users

(As of September 2021, you CANNOT promote new staff when 1/3 or more of active members are staff)

That's great you want to give someone a prrrromotion! You've deemed another user worthy of also having power. But, you see, you can't give everyone power like free candy, cause that'd be stupid. This is why there's certain criteria for promoting users you have to abide by. Except if you just want to promote yourself, that's the exception, promoting yourself.

Violating any of these when promoting a user will leave you subject to having your own rights revoked, either by a bureaucrat, or by FANDOM staff. And if you severely violate these, you may be subject to a lengthy, if not permanent, block.

  • Community Interaction: Does this person contribute positively to the general welfare of the UnAnything Wiki? Do they follow our rules? Have they caused drama before, and will they use their powers to resolve stuff in an unbiased way rather than in their favor?
  • Is It Appropriate: Is what reason they're given these user rights appropriate? Can they not already help the wiki out with their current toolset? Would they make better pages with more access to stuff like the Undefeatables? Would others agree that yes, that person should have content moderator or have rollback because they put deletion templates on rule violating pages, or they're reverting vandalism and rollback would suit them?

If common sense dictates both yes it's appropriate, and yes they would be helpful to our community, you're free to give the guy you want a promotion!

Appointing New Bureaucrats

WOAH... A new bureaucrat?
All the power in the UnOmniverse? A person that could start UnAnything anew if everyone leaves? This is a BIG decision, one for the [[Big Shot]]s, one people might not probably even agree with at first or at all.

If You Are The Only Bureaucrat

There might be a time when all your bureaucratic buddies have left:( It's all up to you now. If this happens, you're free to appoint anyone, regardless of the rules below, or what anyone else says because above and beyond everything else; maintaining the flow of power with trusted people is important, in case you leave too. I hope you at least elect one or two of your close friends.

If You Aren't The Only Bureaucrat

Before ticking that box with the star next to it: you the bureaucrat need to get approval, because once that box is ticked, there's no going back.

Start a discussion on the matter with the community, your fellow bureaucrats, and also the administrators and moderators about promoting your user to bureaucrat. If the user is already 100% fit for bureaucrat, this process will be easy! If they're not, push onward with your reasoning and not your force. And when beyond a reasonable doubt 99% of everyone wants this user bureaucrat, the users, all of the UnAnything staff, you may promote the user to bureaucrat.

However, if you're retiring and trying to replace yourself with an heir/successor, discuss the matter with your fellow bureaucrats first, and they'll deem if this is acceptable.

Administrator Expectations

As an administrator you are expected to serve UnAnything with pride! If not, you shall be put to death. Not really; our lawyers have advised us to stop executing our administrators. Of course, our lawyers are cats, so what do they know? Anyways, there are a few other guidelines that you should follow:

  • Use your common sense.
  • Being an administrator does not make you exempt from any other rules.
  • Use your common sense.
  • Know that violating any of these rules could potentially lose you your administrator privileges.
  • Use your common sense.
  • Don't deplatform people.
  • Just use your common sense you idiot!


Some things we haven't covered in any of the other rules but are still worth mentioning are:

  • Administrators are by no means exempt from any of the rules. Should an administrator be found breaking a rule, they should be treated just like any other user. Report them to a Bureaucrat and the bureaucrat will take action accordingly.
  • Fandom's Terms Of Use applies to this wiki, not to imply it haven't. Violations of these are handled differently, as you don't have to consult an administrator and can go to either the community central forum or Special:Contact to contact Fandom directly. But it's still recommended to get the person blocked here anyway for their violation.
  • If you have any questions about these rules or anything else, do not hesitate to ask one of the active administrators. If you feel something on this list should be added or changed, say so here
  • Direct swearing in articles, talk pages, or chat is allowed. (Heck, there's swearing in the rules now.) Censorship using asterisks (f***!) or a series of random symbols (f#$&!) is fine if you don't want to swear; however slurs of any kind are NOT tolerated and fall under harassment and will get you blocked from editing, even if you're in part of the group the slur is directed to.
  • Articles shouldn't be too informative unless they're UnAnything-specific, reliable information is what Wikipedia is for! What we mean is that a page shouldn't have credible sources, or be a ripoff Know Your Meme article. Other than that you're free to write whatever, unless of course it breaks the rules you've just read. In that case, we ask thee to prithee transport thyself to Teletubby Land's Acid Lake.
  • As you're now done reading all of our rules and regulations, feel free to tell us about yourself on your profile page!, and after that read Manual of Style before editing.
  • For the safety of the people, rules are not retroactively active after they've been written.

Important footnote, but if you have questions after reading our rules, you might wanna check us out at these places.

Please know that Discord discussions are moderated differently, subject to their own rules and moderation team. The jurisdiction of our admins doesn't extend to this place, except in the case we find out you're trying to get people to raid our wiki, on any website.