The following is the official doctrine of the UnAnything administration. That means this is some serious crap.

If you create a page that violates these rules, you will be politely notified and the page may or may not be deleted. If you continue to violate these rules after being warned, your account may be blocked from editing.


Page Length

Pages created must have a considerable length. Four sentences or less will be deleted without debate. Pages with under two full paragraphs may also be deleted, though the user may be given a chance to improve the page. It is generally advised that there be several paragraphs of text. Possible exceptions might be made for gag or gimmick articles such as Heron.


You must add categories before you publish a page. Most pages will fall into "Category:Guys" or "Category:Stuff". A full list of categories can be found here.

Notes Within Pages

Please do not leave any form of note within a page if at all possible. This means you should not sign the page or leave us a note talking about the page.

Grammar/Sentence Structure

Unless you have a specific reason (for example Yoda or Dr. Seuss) not to use conventional grammar, write all pages in a way most people can comprehend. If you can't write at the level expected of someone in middle/high school, come back in a few years when you've learned how.
Add ImageThis is a placeholder. It's very ugly.


Don't leave an image/video placeholder on the page. Just don't.

Formatting Rules:

  • The first time the topic is mentioned, it should be in bold.
  • If a page is long enough to have sections, use level 2 headers to divide sections. If you want to divide these sections into subsections, use level 3 headers.
  • Images should generally be in thumbnail form.
  • Lists should be made using either automatic bullets or automatic numbering.
  • Infoboxes may be used on the specific page they were designed for (character infobox for characters, war infobox for wars).

Forum Creation Rules

Creating forums really isn't that big of a deal. Just follow these simple rules:

  • Don't create a ridiculous amount of forums. We don't need 100 different forums explaining why you love cheese.
  • Don't make forums just to flame or hate. We don't like Justin Bieber either, but the forums don't want to hear it.
  • Don't touch the Role Play forums unless you are role playing. If you want to be in a role play, just ask the people in the role play. 99% of the time, you'll be allowed to join.

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