The following is the official doctrine of the UnAnything administration. That means this is some serious crap.

If you create a page that violates these rules, you will be politely notified and the page may or may not be deleted. If you continue to violate these rules after being warned, your account may be blocked from editing.

Article Creation Rules

These rules apply to pretty much everything here on the wiki, of course when adding to UnAnything Wiki:The Game, you don't need to have sufficient page length because it's The Game. The article creation rules also don't apply to your user page/profile, so don't worry about cramming your thesis of why eggs taste good in there just to meet the page length requirement.

Page Length

Pages created must have a considerable length. Four sentences or less will be deleted without debate. Pages with under two full paragraphs may also be deleted, though the user may be given a chance to improve the page. It is generally advised that there be several (not to be confused with the number 7) paragraphs of text. Possible exceptions might be made for gag or gimmick articles such as Heron.

If you can't make an article of sufficient length but want to write parts of it down, you can do so under your user page.


You must add categories before/right after you publish a page. Most pages will fall into "Category:Guys" or "Category:Stuff". A full list of categories can be found here.

Notes Within Pages

Please do not leave any form of note within a page if at all possible. This means you should not sign the page or leave us a note talking about the page.

Grammar/Sentence Structure

Unless you have a specific reason (for example Yoda or Dr. Seuss) not to use conventional grammar, write all pages in a way most people can comprehend. If you can't write at the level expected of someone in middle/high school, come back in a few years when you've learned how. Creativity is key!
Add ImageThis is a placeholder. It's very ugly.


Don't leave an image/video placeholder on the page. Also don't include broken file links. Just don't. While it's not a requirement and will not be enforced, it is recommended you categorize images with image categories (E.g. Images of Guys, Images of Captain 0 and Images of Stuff.)

Formatting Rules:

  • The first time the topic is mentioned, it should be in bold.
  • Link to pages that exist when applicable, like making Mario into Mario. You should only link to the same thing once per paragraph/heading. Additionally if a prominent character/place/object such as Luigi is in the article but the page hasn't written yet, you will have to link to it even if no page exists (hence, the red link.)
  • If a page is long enough to have sections, use headers to divide sections. If you want to divide these sections into subsections, use sub-headers.[?]
  • Media should generally be easy to see, not too big and not too small. Videos are recommended to be 400 pixels wide for embedded playback.
  • Lists should be made using either automatic bullets or automatic numbering, and if that don't work use more gun line breaks.
  • Infoboxes may be used on the specific page they were designed for (character infobox for characters, war infobox for wars, species infobox for species).
  • Use English to make stuff easier to read, unless you instead like french. But if another language version is REALLY necessary, you can put in something like Yoshi/es.

Copying Pages From Other Wikis

It's one thing to make an article, but it's another just to blatantly steal someone else's work and generally, the page will be deleted. An exception to this rule is if it's a really old revision of an UnMario article just like when the wiki was being started a long time ago. Discretion and common sense applies, so this exception might not always apply.

If it's your own work you're copying, make sure it aligns with UnContinuity and has UnAnything categories, unless of course new categories would benefit the article.

Talk Page Rules

Talk about the page, and not about something unrelated like that time Peter Griffin outfarted Michael Moore. Assume good faith, and be civil. Follow the Basic Rules, and be nice. Use common your sense essentially. Please sign anything you add onto a talk page with "~~~~".

If you're sure a page should be deleted, add the deletion template to the page instead of adding a topic, and one of our administrators will judge it.


Articles shouldn't be too informative, that's what Wikipedia is for! What we mean is that a page shouldn't have credible sources, or be a ripoff Know Your Meme article. Other than that you're free to write whatever, unless of course it breaks the rules. In that case, we ask thee to prithee transport thyself to Teletubby Land Acid Lake.

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