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This page is about our democratically elected positions of UnAnything. If you're just a regular user reading through the policy, this doesn't really apply to you.
UnAnything Policy
Main Rules
Manual of Style
Duties of the Offices

On UnAnything there are certain positions of power given to the users via democracy (A system of government where the Demoman has complete power). While there's only one office to obtain currently, The Chair, more may open up in the future.

The Chair

The Chair is a position whose sold purpose is managing WANTED elections that elect WANTED Articles, and is given the user rights to do so if they don't have them already. This position is elected every quarter by the people, and The Chair gets to decide what pages become WANTED. Although there are many rules to break while being The Chair, it's ultimately worth having the power to elect any article as being good.

A person must be nominated to the position of The Chair every quarter, otherwise WANTED elections can't happen.

Electing The Chair

On the 1st of March, June, September, and December, a poll for next quarter's Chair shall be held. The conductor of this poll shall be any UnAnything Staff member. If a day has passed and no poll was held, then the current Chair can make the poll; if a second day has passed without a poll, the poll may be conducted by any user. The 6th option of any poll must be a blank/null vote to allow for more polls/viewing of the results by the party who made the poll. The poll(s) end on the 15th day of that month.

The person with the highest votes (not in total) is elected, and can accept the position of The Chair on the election post. If this doesn't happen by the 20th, the electee is considered to have resigned on short notice, and standard procedure determines who can accept being The Chair next. If UnAnything has no Chair and nobody has volunteered, then nobody has to conduct the Duties of The Chair.

Chair Resignation

Resigning as The Chair

Before you reside, you must perform or have already performed all your current duties, and give up temporary user rights given on your own user rights page if they were given. You must alert everyone of your resignation on the original election poll(s). If you do not follow these procedures while resigning, you may be blocked.

If the chair must resign on short notice due to an emergency, penalties may be wavered.

If The Chair Resigns

If the chair resigns, any of the other nominated members may accept the position, first come first serve. If none of them accept the position of The Chair in the first 5 days, then anyone regardless of qualification may accept the position of The Chair. If the chair has failed to conduct the Duties of The Chair, the new Chair must carry out their unfinished duties to a reasonable extent.

If The Chair is Impeached

The administrator whom impeached The Chair must carry out the Duties of The Chair until they find a suitable replacement. It may be one of the candidates, or it may be themself. Whoever it is must agree to to taking on the position.

Duties of The Chair

The Chair's duties are to created WANTED polls, and to feature WANTED articles. They have Content Moderator user rights to facilitate their duties.


Unless The Chair is a permanent UnAnything staff member, they may not use their user rights for purposes outside performing the Duties of The Chair, unless given permission to do so by an UnAnything staff member. If the chair does not have user rights to perform the Duties of The Chair, they must request them. If The Chair cannot execute their duties they cannot be punished for not executing them.

Featuring Articles

Within the first 3 days of a month, you must do the following:

  1. Put the WANTED template on the newly elected WANTED article of last month's poll
  2. Protect the newly elected WANTED article so that allow only administrators to move it, and only autoconfirmed users may edit it.
  3. Update the WANTED Articles list.
  4. Update Featured to feature the newly elected WANTED article.
  5. Nominate articles to be elected with a new WANTED poll on the UnAnything Forums, under the WANTED Polls category. Nominations must follow the rules for Nominating Articles below.
  6. Update the Featured Poll with a link to the new poll.

Nominating Articles

  1. The article in question cannot have any issues, or be under construction.
  2. The article must be at least 5 paragraphs worth of content.
  3. The article cannot already be WANTED.
  4. The Chair must be impartial when nominating pages. This means they cannot have bias when nominating pages or a set of pages. If The Chair plans to hold a nomination poll about a set of pages, approval must be obtained beforehand. To get approval, The Chair can contact a Bureaucrat to get approval. If the Bureaucrat don't respond in 24 hours, permission is automatically given. The Chair may also conduct a poll for a week and get at least 3/5ths support for the set/theme.

Failure to execute the duties of The Chair, or improperly executing the Duties of The Chair may result in The Chair being blocked for a week, impeached from the position, or both, at the discretion of the Administrator