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Wanna get started editing here? Just read the guide (but sign up for an account before you do), so we can keep track on what's happening. It's simple, and it helps out alot. Enjoy! UnAnything also has a Discord, so check us out there too.


UnAnything Wiki

So, you want to edit on UnAnything? Well, this is a simple guide that will tell you exactly how to do that without blowing up the site and annoying the other users. Yes, we know it's REALLY long. Just read it!


Please read THESE PAGES before doing anything else!

Yes, even UnAnything has rules. We hate rules too, but we need them. In addition to this, you should simply use your common sense to know what and what not to do.

Making An Account

See Wikia Help: Create an account for help. Click here to create an account.

How To Edit A Page

If you do not know how to edit a page, then you are a lost cause it is very simple. First click on the "Edit" button, which can be found on the top of any page. Then, you will be taken to the editor.

Having users edit pages is how we have so much content on UnAnything. We greatly appreciate the help of anyone willing to add to our vast encyclopedia of nonsense. There are two ways to edit a page:

Visual Editor

Visual mode is the n00b default editor. All you must do is type text wherever you want it, great for users familiar with Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or Google Docs. At the top there are many buttons you can push. They include basic functions such as making text bold and italic. You can also include hyperlinks to pages using the chain button. This is good for allowing users to easily access our site. You can also:

  1. Make numbered lists.
  • Make bulleted lists.
And indent text.

You can also insert things

There is also a drop down box. Use this to create headings. By default it is set on normal text. However, you can change it to make various headings to mark different sections of a page, such as the ones you see here. You can also align text to different sides of the page, and undo things you have typed.

In the middle, there is a menu that has yet more buttons for you to push. There is a photo button, which allows you to add a photo to a page. There are also gallery, slideshow, slider, video, and table buttons.

To the right is the gear icon where you can add categories.

Finally, you can insert stuff to pages. Just click on the INSERT button, and add chemical formulas to your hearts content! But that's not very helpful. The thing you'll most likely be inserting is a fancy schmancy template, or a comment which, is pretty easy when you're in that drop-down menu.

Another way to add a template is typing double curly bracket symbols {{ and a dialog will pop up. You can search for templates you'd like to add. Some of the most often used ones are like {{Infobox}} and {{Quote}}, or the trio of {{Start box}}, {{Succession}}, and {{End box}}.

Source Mode

We recommend you stick to the visual editor if you're new to wiki editing.

Source mode is the editor that the smart people use, like those who do markdown on Reddit or on the Discord App. If you go the the top right corner of your editor, you will see the "source" and "visual" tabs. Click on the source tab to turn this on. With source mode, you can code pages without having to deal with all of the buttons. Many editors prefer to use source over visual due to its additional features and control. However, on Project pages, you will be forced to use this style of editing.

Just like visual mode, you just type to add text. There are many additional functions you can do by using source mode, but this guide will tell you the basics.


To make text italic, just add two apostrophes (NOT QUOTES!) to either end of the text. If you type

''I want this text to be italic.''

you will get

I want this text to be italic.


To make text bold, you use THREE apostrophes. If you type

'''I want this text to be bold!!!'''

You will get:

I want this text to be bold!!!


To make a hyperlink, you do this:

[[UnAnything Wiki]]

This makes:

UnAnything Wiki

To make a hyperlink with different text, you do this:

[[UnAnything Wiki|The UnAnything page]].

This makes:

The UnAnything page.


To add a photo, use type the name of the file. If I want this file on a page, I will do this:


That will make: Example.jpg

On UnAnything, we usually include images as thumbnails so they can wrap around text and be positioned. To do that, we add "thumb" to the coding:


And now look at the right hand side of the screen, because it places it there by default


But now I want the image to the left. I add that to the coding.


You can also change the size, and add a caption.

[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|left|50px|A flower!]]

A flower!


  • <!--In articles and templates, you can use these set of arrows to have something be a "Comment". Comments can't be seen by anyone except you in the source editor, and those guys in the visual editor.-->
  • <noinclude>In templates only, you use noincludes like shown here to exclude stuff from appearing in articles, and it'll appear no where but on the template page.</noinclude>
  • /*In mediawiki code stuff only, you use the things surrounding this text.*/

Other Features

In source mode, you can also add templates. For example, if there is a page that is way too short, you can add the stub template. To do this, put {{stub}} on the bottom of the page. This will mark the page as a stub.

To add a category to a page, just type [[Category:Example]] on the bottom of a page, or in the category box to the right.

There are many other more complicated features that can be accomplished using source mode, but they are for advanced coding and template creation. Probably too complicated for your little mind.


When editing a page, you can put categories on it. We told you how to add categories in the previous section. Categories are used to show what groups various pages fit in. If it is the page of a character, you add Category:Guys. If it is the page for a gun, you would add Category:Stuff, Category:Weapons, and Category:Guns. Pages can have many categories, depending on the topic.

You can add any category to a page. Any you can think of. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. First, the category should actually fit the page. Do not add Bowser to Category:Birds. Does he look like a bird to you? If you are not sure if a page fits in a category, read the description of the category. If you add a category that is ridiculously irrelevant, we might just facepalm, followed by annihilating you with a rocket launcher.

Also, you should try to use categories that are already in use, if possible. A complete list can be found here. This is to avoid the use of categories that only have one page in them. This used to be quite a problem in UnAnything. If you want to make your own category, go ahead! Just make sure it makes sense, and you put in many pages that fit the category description. If you're not sure, just ask.

How to add a Video




Unfortunately, you have to manually upload the video but I'll show you how. For this example we'll be using BREAKFAST. Do the following:

  1. Go to Special:NewFiles and click "Add Video" and get your video up.
  2. Go to the page you're editing and press the picture icon on the top, your video should be whatever it's called on the Special:NewFiles page. If a video's title doesn't match what it's called on the wiki, like File:Black_Frost's_dance_moves doesn't match the YouTube title "You Hee-Ho'd In The Wrong Neighborhood" so then you search "File:Black_Frost's_dance_moves". But for BREAKFAST it's simple and you just search breakfast.

If you can't find your video, you either need to refresh the page you're editing or you NEED to use the source editor to add the video:

  1. After the file's up on the wiki, go to the file's page and then copy the end part of the url, the stuff after the last slash, you'll need it for later. So like at https://unanything.fandom.com/wiki/File:BREAKFAST you copy "File:BREAKFAST".
  2. Go edit the page and make something that looks like this on a new line: [[File:BREAKFAST|thumb|400px|Caption!]]

And then you get the video to the right since with "thumb" it's a thumbnail that wraps around the text, you can do more easy adjustments in visual editor, you're done now!

Creating Pages

For more information, see UnAnything Wiki:Page Creation Rules. Also check out UnAnything Wiki:Vesta's Guide to Character Creation

Creating pages is a great way to add content to UnAnything! Click here to create a page. All you have to do is name it, and then start adding fancy letters! When creating a page, try not to make it too short. This is simply a waste of a page. At least add some content when creating a page. Also, make sure you:

  • Remove the image placeholder.
  • Add necessary categories to the page you create.
  • Make it more than a few sentences. At least a paragraph or two, but the more the better.
  • Make it look good. We like to pretend we know what we're doing.
  • Please refrain from making your characters overly powerful.

Also, understand that when you create a page, it is not "your" page. The second you click publish, it is one of the many articles on UnAnything. Anybody is allowed to edit it whenever they want.


on unanything we prid rselves in exlent splling 'n grmmr But seriously, we're not here to look like idiots. That's what Facebook is for. The only time you should use bad grammar or spelling is when it is both intentional and funny (that last part was italicized to show it is important). This page is an excellent example of terrible grammar done right.

The Read More section

If the Read More section is there referring to guys, this shows how their powerfulness can be compared (e.g. Do being compared to WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky since it's on the read more page).


You can add userboxes to yourself, there's a wide variety and it's really hard almost simple to make your own!

Almost Done...

Finally, have fun! Go and add your spam and lame jokes onto all of our pages! (Not really. Spam is against the rules, and lame jokes are lame.)

Feel free to ask an administrator for help if you have any questions! We don't bite, honest! A list of admins can be found here.

Becoming Powerful

After you've been editing here a while, more options open up to you on what you can become. Below are some recommendations on how to become a staff member around here. Of course it's at the discretion of the managers around here if you actually receive those rights, but none the less:

  • The way you generally become an Administrator, Content Moderator, or Rollback is by actively editing and by actively maintaining the wiki. This can be done by adding relevant categories, writing high quality articles, adding onto existing pages, fixing stubs, making pages from red links, and more. When you feel like you're ready, send a Bureaucrat (or other appropriate member) an application and they will decide if you're worthy.
  • The way you generally become a Discussions moderator is by actively partaking in discussions and helping people when they need it. When you feel like you're ready, send a Bureaucrat or Administrator an application and they will decide if you're worthy.
  • To become an interactive map tester you just need to ask.
  • If you are an Administrator and you want to become a Bureaucrat, you must discuss it will all the bureaucrats, and if you all come to a resolution that it would benefit the wiki, only then will you obtain your last and ultimate promotion.

Another way to become powerful is to become The Chair. You can petition your local senator administrator to add you to one of the polls when those come around.

If there are no active Administrators/Bureaucrats, please leave a message at the wiki adoption requests page and Fandom Staff can provide you the rights.