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Cquote1 I have killed Thannos, the Mad Titan, but the war is not yet won. We have made an empire on Earth, but the war is not yet won. As long as Thanos lives, we shall never know peace. Therefore, I name Will Smith the Emperor of Asgard, whilst I gain the power needed to become truly inevitable and end the Titan scum once and for all! Cquote2
Thor to the people of the Asgardian Empire.

Thor Odinson is the older brother of Loki Odinson and the younger brother of Hela Odinsdottir. He was a hero until Thannos killed half the universe and wiped out most of his people. Despite eventually killing Thannos, he did not feel that his revenge would be complete until the Last Titan, Thanos, died at his hands.

As he lost himself to revenge, he began justifying more and more of his actions under the name of the "greater good." Eventually, he came around to embracing some of his sister's ideas, such as the second coming of the Asgardian Empire. He left the Empire under the rule of Will Smith, while he searched the Harry Potter dimension for the Indigo Resurrection Stone so that he could revive his people and his brother. There he adopted the Gellert Grindelwald persona. Later on, he had an affair with Lily Potter resulting in the birth of Harry Potter.


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