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You may have noticed we here on the UnAnything Wiki are not very smart. Because of this, we tend to use words that more intelligent people don't use. This dictionary is designed to help those who need to be UnEducated.


  • Asplode: Sometimes things don't just explode. Sometimes they asplode. Sometimes they even ASPLODE!
  • Barrel Role: Any generic action
  • BREAKFAST!: Some dish volcanoes like.
  • Captain 0: This wiki's very mascot!
  • DINNER: A legendary dish many people stride for.
  • Hyrulian: It's not Hylian, it's Hyrulian. Get it right.
  • Nobody: Contrary to popular belief, "Nobody" actually refers to a specific person. When we say that Nobody did something, we are actually saying that a guy named Nobody did it. Same with Anybody, Somebody, and Everybody.
  • Ostaf: A fatty who drank too much liquid Chuckola Fruit
  • OVER 9000 A large amount of something.
  • Pie: Remember when your mom baked a pie then you tasted it and you liked it. That is the most dangerous delicious food ever. Also, pies are a type of bomb, not food. You were probably thinking of Real Pie.
  • People : Humans who act like hell in UnWorld
  • Potato: A thing everyone laughs at.
  • Shame: The word shame is actually short for video shame. Some people think it is spelled "video game", but they are wrong.
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L: Someone who is S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Is also an Abbreviation for Stupidly, Precisely, Extremely, Carefully, Idiotically, and Anxiously Limited.
  • Stuff: A something or someone that exist in matter. This wiki is an example of a stuff. An awesome stuff.
  • Real World: The Real World is a collection of everything beyond the Fourth Wall. You live here.
  • UnOmniverse: The UnOmniverse is a collection of everything inside the Fourth Wall.
  • UnUniverse/UnMultiverse: The UnUniverse is the main universe that most of the stuff in the UnOmniverse takes place in. The UnMultiverse consists of the UnUniverse, Heaven, and Hell. Most things on the UnAnything Wiki are about the UnUniverse.
  • UnWorld: We do not use the word "world". The world most things take place in is called the "UnWorld". If you normally would have said "What in the world?" you should actually say "What in the UnWorld?" The UnWorld is the most important planet in the UnUniverse.
  • Your Mom : the person who wants you to sing embarrassing songs again and again,
  • Your Screwed : Yeah, your totally Screwed.
  • The "Un-" prefix: We like to say "un" a lot. Get used to it or you will be an UnPerson.
  • Dice : It's not a DIE and Dice plural, it's a Dice and Dices. Get that right too.
  • Get da hint? - When something really bad is implied
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