UnAnything: The Series has gotten a large amount of merch due to popular demand. This page will be a list of it's countless merch that you can buy at your local Kmart!


  • Merch should be based of an episode of the show, or another major point of the show, like Captain 0.
  • Merch should go into appropriate section.
  • If there is little of one type of merch it goes into the miscellaneous section.
  • Have fun, of course.



Name Description
Dio Shirt A Shirt of Dio fighting Gabe.
Azure Hoodie A black, soft hoodie with ears.
'We Quit!' Shirt A Shirt showing artwork of Kat and Ana Running from Wario. It says on the bottom 'We Quit! And you can't have your garlic hands on us no more!'
Hat Kid Hat An exact replica of Hat Kid's Hat.
WaPants Magic Pants that can turn You into a Wa Form of yourself.
Skipper Shoes Shoes in the Shape of Skipper's Feet.
Cult of Lythronax T-Shirt You can now be an unofficial member of the very Cult that summons Lythronax.
Number-F**ker-Upper T-Shirt A T-shirt of the Numbertaker dividing by Captain 0 to make a black hole.
Loser's Underwear Underwear that a Loser has worn, just for You! It currently has extra Semen in it! Hooray!


Name Description
Captain 0 Pop Tarts White and yellow Pop Tart, tastes like blue raspberry and vanilla.
Teletubby Ice Cream Bar A Poorly-made Teletubby Gumball Bar. Comes in 4 Flavors: Blood (Po), Lemon (Laa-Laa), Grape (Tinky-Winky), and Lime (Dipsy).
Shrek's Moldy Chips Green-Colored Chips that were dipped into the Teletubby Land Acid Lake.
N00b Food A Mixture of Doritos, Mountain Dew, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Semen to make a Paste only for N00bs. If anyone else eats it, they DIE.
Team Donuts Donuts in the shape of the UnAnything Team. Features 8 Flavors/Shapes including KamafaDelgato021469 (Rainbow), HippyDippyHoop6 (Froot Loops), CrazyMew37 (Berry), MountWario (Frost), Archaeopteryx7 (Dinosaur Bone AKA Vanilla), DaTenthGate (Sun AKA Cinnamon), VestaServal (Stone, AKA Chocolate), and DatBoiAndSpongeGar (Exestential Dread).
Cheesy Dibbles The crunchy cheese puffs themselves. A favorite of the Penguins of Number Island!
Pocoyo Chip Sticks Literally just Pocoyo Chips cutted to look like sticks. Comes in a lot of flavours: Cheese, Spicy Hot, Garbage, Blood, Salt, Frost, Alcohol, and Berries.
Chocolate Lures It's Chocolate in the shape of a Fishing Lure! I wonder how many times Tom got 'hooked' onto these candies...
UnAnything Kraft Mac and Cheese A tie-in with Kraft, this comes in the shapes of Kirby, Squidward, a Piramid and of course, Captain 0. Comes in normal, spicy, cauliflower and three cheese, also sold in plastic cups.
UnAnything Sweet Tarts A tie in with Sweet Tarts, they have the same purpose but in different shpaes, Captain 0 is banana, Ducky is Buddha's Hand, Sonic is Blueberry and Peter Griffin is Ugli Fruit.


Name Description
UnAnything Plush Series 1 A Plush Series Containing 16 Plushie Characters (Weegee, Chuck Norris, Captain 0, Dio, Gabe, Ducky, Pepsiman, King Harkinian, Timmy Turner, Sans, The Globglogabgalab, Dark Ducky, A Pink Slime, Po, and Ganon.
UTS 1:1 Azure Plushie A life-size plush of Azure. Has a memetic effect that makes it universally regarded as cute.
Harmful Lava Crystal Plush A Plushie that has Stabby Crystals
UTS 1:1 Lip Plushie A Hyper-Realistic, Life-Size plush of Lip. Is considered the Cutest thing in the UnOmniverse, other than Lip herself.
UnAnything Plush Series 1 Extras Contains 5 Extra Plushies. Lip (Target Ex.), Azure (Walmart Ex.), Kat and Ana (Hot Topic Ex.), and Squidward Tentacles (Special Edition Plushie).
Captain 0 Figurine A 6-inch figure of Captain 0.
UnAnything Figure Set 1 Contains 7 12:1 Figurines including Pepsiman, King Harkinian, Sans, Gabe, Po, Lip, and Bulk Bogan.
UnAnything Plush Series 2 Containts 14 Plushies, Including Dawn, Serena (Human Form), Peter, A Troll, A Roblox Noob, Shaggy Rogers, WaBlack Frost, Hat Kid, Ariel, Giant Isopod, Daisy, Sandy Cheeks, The Second Coming, and Lythronax.
UnAnything Figure Set 2 Contains 8 12:1 Figurines including Peter, Shaggy Rogers, Hat Kid. Giant Isopod, Lythronax, Ganon, Daisy, and Ducky.
UnAnything Plush Series 2 Extras Contains 5 Extra Plushies. Skipper (Target Ex.), Piramid (Walmart Ex.), Mii (Hot Topic Ex.), Waddle Dee (Kmart Ex.), and Serena (True Form) (Special Edition Plushie).
Triforce Figure Set The Triforces of Dinner, Baby Yoshi, and Ugliness can now be yours! Not really.
Slime Figure Set Contains Figurines of King Fire Slime, Fire Slime, Lava Crystal Slime, and Pink Slime.
Pokemon Trainer Set Contains 21 figures of all Core Series Pokemon Trainers. Has 8 Extra Figures for redesigns.
Customizable Captain 0 A 14-inch Captain 0 figure that you can change to your hearts desire!
Canned Bread Snakes A toy pandering to the tomfoolery crowd, it's Canned Bread that is actually containing highly venomous paper snakes in it that burst out.
Captain 0 Vinyl Pop A Vinyl Pop Captain 0 figure, it has the standard build of one with a Captain 0 color scheme, and it's frightening, like most vinyl pops!


Name Description
Make your own Katana kit! A Kit to make your own Sword, including a Kat corpse, an Ana corpse, some Super Glue, Hair Growth Potion, Spray Paint, a Cover with a W inside a No Symbol, and 4 clamps to stretch Arms and Scarfs with.
Asploding Crystals Crystals stolen from Lava Rock Slimes. Use them to Blow Stuff Up!
Eye Monkey Boombox A green Boombox with all 9 Eye Monkeys on it.
Ducky Snorkel A snorkel based on the anatomy of Ducky.
Pepsiman Ball A Bouncy Ball with Pepsiman on it. Also has a Pump looking like a Can of Pepsi.
Pokegirl Roulette A Roulette game Featuring Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, and Lillie.
Alolan Battleship A Battleship Game based off of the Finale of Season 2. One side is Tsunami, while the Other is Alola. Ships are Replaced with Islands (Alola) and Waves (Tsunami).
thesecondcoming.exe Virus Code A special code that you can use to install The Second Coming on your computer! Make sure it's not your favorite!
U:TS Logo Statue A Golden Statue of the Logo of the Show. Costs WAY OVER 9000 Dollars. It also has two buttons; one to make you Asplode, and one that plays the UnAnything Theme Song! The Buttons look exactly the same, so you can't tell which one's which! (Hint: The left is the Exploding theme)
A Blimp A Blimp, You can advertise up on the sky, take your girlfriend for a ride, and you need to fill it up with the very best gas.
King Fire Slime Goo An illegal weapon made from the goop of King Fire Slime, have fun massacring cities and other places!
Screaming Squidward Head A Forever-Screaming Squidward Head created by the Ninja Spy's kills from Squidward! Enjoy your nightmares!


UnAnything: The Series, like many other Shows has a DVD Series containing a List of Episodes from the Show. Here is a List of them.

Name Description List of Episodes Release
U:TS Season 1 The Wacky First Season of our Terrible Amazing Series! Here, you can See Shrek Take a Bath, Ganon going on a Killing Spree, and Much More! We Quit! - Killing All The Numbers! February 11, 2020
U:TS Season 2 The Next Chapter in our Great Series is definitely a Juggernaut. For One thing, The UnAnything Team Nearly Ruining the Wiki! Or perhaps Dimentio sending a Ton of People to Dimension Jail? Want More? Then go buy this, you Dolt! Revenge of the Frost Dimension's False Ruler - Eevee Comes Back (Part 2) April 3, 2021
U:TS Seson 3 It’s Season 3. What, expect me to write novel about it? Well too ba-I mean

according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little.

Dawn to Dusk Part 2: Dusk's History to ??? September 20th, 2022
U:TS The First 50 Episodes of Craziness Want to Juggle a Huge amount of the UnAnything Show with you? Then Get these first 50 Episodes including the Entirety of Season 1 and 2, 5 Blooper Reels, 7 Behind the Scene Moments, and Much Much More! We Quit! - Eevee Comes Back (Part 2) May 27, 2021
U:TS Pokemon Craze Watch some Pokemon Episodes, or we will call Gary Oak to contain you in a Pokeball. Po Visits Po Town, From Dawn to Dusk, Pokegirls Return (Part 1), Pokegirls Return (Part 2), Eevee Comes Back (Part 1), Eevee Comes Back (Part 2), Dawn to Dusk Part 2: Dusk's History November 5, 2021
U:TS Org. Of The Oasis A collection of all episodes related to Bulk Bogan, Dio, and Garfield.

Most famous (or rather infamous) residents of Oasis Springs.

Rise Of Dio Part 1, Rise Of Dio Part 2, Rise Of Dio Part 3, Bulk, Dio & Garfield Gaming, F*ck you Johnny Zest, Is That A Motherf*cking JoJo Reference, In Trump We Trust January 22nd, 2023
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