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UnAnything: The Series (Also known as UnSeries for short) is some random show that the UnAnything Team made while they were high. The show is on every single channel, except for Nickelodeon because of them wanting to have SpongeBob SquarePants as the main character. It has all of the UnAnything Wiki characters you love and hate, but much worse. The shows usually contain 'high' quality content, and most of the characters in the show at least asplode once or twice.

The logo of this amazing series, featuring Captain 0.

The series first aired on February 8, 2019 worldwide with a rating of FTTFTT (Far Too Terrifying For Timmy Turner). It was almost canceled in 5008 after a decline in viewership, however knowing their previous movie success with Gabe The Unknown, they made a final movie called UnAnything: The MOVIE about Captain 0 saving the world. But, it was so successful that UnAnything: The Series was never cancelled and a sequel of the movie was made.


The intro is super wacky; A warped version of the Seinfeld theme song plays as snippets from episodes are played.


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Season 1

This season has 24 episodes. It started on February 8th, 2019.

  1. We Quit!: Kat and Ana attempt to escape WarioWare, Inc. due to them being treated very poorly.
  2. Chuck's Rubber Ducky: Chuck Norris loses his rubber ducky, and destroys a galaxy trying to find it.
  3. Donald Trump Builds a Wall, But it Gets Destroyed so he Builds Another: Exactly what the title says. Oh, and also Timmy Turner gets PWNED by a train.
  4. Everyone Must DIE!: A light is brought into Ganon's lair, so he goes on a killing spree.
  5. Po Visits Po Town: The Teletubbies visit Alola, and do some random shit there.
  6. Rise of Dio Part 1: Dio reigns havoc across the UnUniverse.
  7. Rise of Dio Part 2: Dio encounters Gabe.
  8. Rise of Dio Part 3: Dio fights Gabe to the death.
  9. The Pink Slime's Dinner: The Pink Slimes invite Homer Simpson and King Harkinian for their feast. They wonder what to eat. Also, You get to watch the spirit that possessed King Fire Slime go out of him.
  10. Timmy Plays an FTTFTT Shame: Timmy tries to play an FTTFTT shame, but he shits his pants while trying to do so.
  11. You Go Into a Tube: A 4D sdventure where you go into a tube that leads to YouTube.
  12. The Globglogabgalabbalagbagolgolg:The Globglogabgalab has a baby. And you get to see him poop out the baby for 11 minutes!
  13. N00by Weapons: A N00b tries to make a weapon in order to not be a n00b anymore. Crap he makes ranges from katanas to butter.
  14. Captain 0, 1, 2... An episode that counts all of the Number Captains.
  15. The FitnessGram Pacer Test Is a Multistage Aerobic Capacity Test...: I don't even know anymore.
  16. Sonic Visits Sonic: Sonic gets a chili dog at Sonic.
  17. What's For Dinner: The Pink Slimes and King Harkinian get into a fight for dinner, thus causing a war.
  18. Cola Wars: An episode that consists entirely of Team Pepsi (consisting of Pepsiman and Colonel Sanders) and Team Coke (consisting of Coca-Cola Bear and Ronald McDonald) fighting each other.
  19. Eye Monkeys: The Ultimate Ocular Smackdown: All 9 of the Eye Monkeys have a battle with Dr. 0 and his assistant, Test Monkey (literally) Paul.
  20. The Skeleton Invasion: Sans makes an army of spooky scary skeletons to invade the UnWorld.
  21. All Heck Breaks Loose: Lava Crystal Slimes blow stuff up for 22 minutes.
  22. Lip Is Adorable: A 11-minute episode showing an Image of Lip.
  23. Shrek Takes a Bath: Shrek is forced to do a challenge to take a Bath made of Soap and Acid.
  24. Killing All The Numbers!: Captain 0 is captured by the Numbertaker.

Season 2

This season has 26 episodes. It Started on March 5th, 2020.

  1. Revenge of the Frost Dimension's False Ruler: WaBlack Frost escapes WaJail to then almost assassinate King Frost but Shaggy has a score to settle with him and things don't go so well.
  2. Hat Kid and Cat Kid: Hat Kid meets the Cat Lady.
  3. The Trip to Alantis: Ariel tours a bunch of N00bs to Alantis.
  4. Troll's Den: Patrick Star tries to Enter a Troll Den.
  5. WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa...: The Wa-Guys gang up to beat up their Creator.
  6. D357r0y 4ll N00b135: Some guys go on a murder spree in MMORPGs, and some other shames like Call of Ducky, to murder everyone they say is a N00b.
  7. From Dawn to Dusk: A simple history episode about Dawn. What, we're you wanting something exciting?
  8. Peter and the Griffin: Peter Griffin encounters... a griffin.
  9. The Great Dorito Theft: The guys steal some Doritos from the factory in the Isopod Dimension to make N00b food. But King Isopod is not amused, and now they've got his entire squadron after them.
  10. Y3K Bug: Somebody time travels to January 1st, 3000 and sees that devices are going haywire for real this time, his time machine is not working because of this so he must stop this madness.
  11. Drunken Members: The UnAnything Team gets drunk after a long day of work, and nearly ruins the wiki. However, Daisy and Sandy Cheeks try to stop them.
  12. I'm Fairy Certain About This...: Some Miis try to visit Realm of the Fey, but a bloodshed begins for the Fab Fairies.
  13. The Red Link Invasion: Red Links from across the UnWorld invade the wiki in order to get their McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.
  14. Pokegirls Return (Part 1): Serena revives Dawn, Iris, and Misty in order to save Ash Ketchum from an army of Pokémon killing him.
  15. Pokegirls Return (Part 2): The Pokegirls succeed in getting rid of the army of pokemon, but Serena plans to betray the others by trapping them in cement, and then burying them under a building.
  16. The Summoning: Lythronax returns and almost everyone previously from Season 2 hopelessly tries to stop it.
  17. We Totally Didn't Base This Off a YTP: Ganon, with the help of The Second Coming, hacks the P.I.N.G.A.S., and tries to make everyone in the universe DIE.
  18. Filler Redux: You literally spend thirty minutes watching Skipper eat Cheesy Dibbles.
  19. The Life of a Piramid is Just one Long Sick Joke...: Weird Al narrates a documentary of the Piramid.
  20. Kirby Vs. Black Hole: Kirby encounters a Black Hole. Who can out-suck each other?
  21. Pancake Palooza: The planets align in a way and make everyone eat pancakes, however, a single Waddle Dee cannot find any, so he goes into the pancake mines, but he is soon on the run from stone fellas.
  22. Dimension Jail: Dimentio sends a lot of people to the Dimension Jail.
  23. Heaven and Hell: Thanos and NaN start a huge fight and have started a revelation.
  24. Silhouetted: After the revelation began, Silhouette appears to save the day.
  25. Eevee Comes Back (Part 1): Eevee randomly gets revived, and takes back her throne of Alola.
  26. Eevee Comes Back (Part 2): Lip finds out that Eevee is destroying the land of Alola, so she sends Tsunami to kill Eevee once more.

Season 3

This Season will have 25 Episodes. It Starts on April 28, 2021.

  1. Dawn to Dusk Part 2: More information of Dawn is shared through an interview of her friends and relatives.
  2. That Guy is a Spy!: SpongeBob SquarePants is wondering why Squidward has not come out of his house as of recently, so he orders a spy to see what's up, sadly, this spy is actually a ninja too, so he also kills Squidward.
  3. The Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell: I think the UnAnything Team got drunk again...
  4. Ultimate Showdown of Epicness: Triforced Link fights Hyper Weegee. Who will win?
  5. A Journey in Dimension 666: Giygas gives some kiddies a tour of Dimension 666. How fun!
  6. A Terrifying Fusion: DarthNorrisgee is somehow created and threatens the UnUniverse.
  7. Crisis in a Can: A Canned Bread famine threatens to kill the people of Bikini Bottom! Squidward Tentacles is their only hope.
  8. Red Hot Heck: King Fire Slime Sets multiple cities on fire, Captain 0 Is the only way to save the cities on fire.
  9. Ninjariffic: Kat and Ana eat rotten Sushi mixed with Acid, and get high like no one has gotten high before.
  10. Pick-the-Men: It's Pikmin, but everybody's roles are swapped.
  11. Bulk, Dio & Garfield Gaming: They play 7 GRAND DAD on the NES, taking turns playing until they all run out of lives.
  12. Peppa Pig Goes to the Beach: Exactly what it sounds like. Except the ocean is made out of Mountain Dew...
  13. F*ck you Johnny Zest: Beggining of a spiritual successor saga to the Rise Of Dio saga, starting with this episode in which Dio, and Bulk Bogan (not including Garfield since he’s in a catatonic state) be massive dicks to Johnny Zest for 30 minutes.
  14. Is That A Motherf*cking JoJo Reference: Follow up to F*ck you Johnny Zest, Dio, on his own this time, goes around places and is just generally a piece of shit to everyone.
  15. In Trump we Trust: A follow up episode to Is That A Motherf*cking JoJo Reference, in which after Dio commits several atrocities in his home country of Pirmadia as well as other nearby nations, Donald Trump breifly annexes the entire Caribbean as state of UnAmerica to help “fix” the damage Dio committed. To put it breifily he makes things a lot worse.
  16. Rise of Gigatron: Dio fuses with Galvatron to become Gigatron and recruits all of the Red Links to his aid to form the Deceptigod.
  17. Plunderers and Pods: We watch Kaptain Skurvy's adventures through classes at Squidward Community College.
  18. Dededowserool Brawl: King Dedede, Bowser and King K. Rool kill each other.
  19. Serena and Calem Destroy France: The Psychotic Serena and Devious Calem decide to flood the entirety of France with Pepsi for no reason.
  20. Powerpuff Girls and the Sword of Epic: The Powerpuff Girls find the Sword of Epic and decide to use it to kill Mojo Jojo, but everyone is trying to steal the sword from them.
  21. Miku vs. the Pretty Guardian: A dead Hatsune Miku decides to fight Sailor Moon in Hell because Miku thought that Sailor Moon copied her hairstyle.
  22. Dungeons and Dipshits: Patrick Star, Homer Simpson, Mrs. Nesbitt, and a Roblox Noob all play Dungeons and Dragons together.
  23. Freddy the Teddy: Optimus Prime finds Freddy Fazbear eating some scrap metal. Thinking that he is a Teddy Bear, Optimus Prime kidnaps Freddy and mistakenly horseplays with him for 11 minutes.
  24. Alt-er Ego: In order to disguise herself from the FBI, Alt 2.0 tries to find some ways to make herself more human.
  25. The Case of the Missing Pokegirl: Shaggy Rogers forms up a new Mystery Gang called The Shaggy Connection in order to solve the disappearance of Kris and help Ethan meet her again.

Season 4

This Season will have 25 Episodes. It Starts on May 5, 2022.

  1. Watch out for Rolling Fatmen: Fatman attempts to climb a mountain that has a McDonald's on-top but he keeps tumbling down and squishing people for 11 minutes.
  2. Oh No!!!: UnIntellivision returns and takes control of a whole Star Destroyer. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
  3. 9001 Dumb Ways to Die: An UnAnything version of the Dumb Ways to Die song, excecpt now that it has OVER 9000 ways to die in it! This music video episode is over 20 and a half hours long!
  4. Bake the Cake: A N00b thinks that Cake is an actual Cake and he tries to cook him.
  5. The Great Pac-Attack: Pac-Man invents a growth-ray in order to eat the Earth.
  6. Just a Dot: A follow-up to The Great Pac-Attack. When Cyber-Dee stops Pac-Man from eating the Earth, he decides to punish Pac-Man by only having him eat one Dot a day. This backfires, however...
  7. The Goomba Invasion: A bunch of Goombas are bored and decide to eat all of Possum City for no reason.
  8. Mousehunt: Michael Rodent and Pikachu join forces and embark on a epic journey towards Seussville, as an attempt to escape from the FBI and Chuck Norris. However, just as things begin to look up for them, an old friend makes an unexpected appearance.
  9. Ka-BEW: Dee realizes he likes driving, and pandemonium ensues.
  10. Eye see, You see: A mysterious eyeball man posts the previous episode to YouTube and asplodes due to copyright infringement.
  11. Mousetrap: Part two of Mousehunt. Pikachu and Michael Rodent are blackmailed by Chuck E. Cheese, who threatens to reveal their secret evil master plan to take down Miku, Norris and conquer the Earth...unless the two agree to form a parternship with him, in order to get his restaurants back on the map. Will Pikachu and Michael go through with his deal, even after seeing the recycled pizzas and grimey walls? Or will they be able to find a way out of of this kitchen nightmare?
  12. The Very Strange Mystery: Part 1: A new (fake) Captain is created and is almost killed by a cloaked figure.
  13. The Very Strange Mystery: Part 2: People try to find Cloaked Figure and defeat him once and for all.
  14. The Very Strange Mystery: Part 3: Cloaked Figure turns into an absolute beast and gets defeated once and for all. Happy ending..
  15. D-U-M-B: Squidward tries to teach Trump the alphabet so he can participate in the presidental spelling bee competition.
  16. Mousetrouble: Final installment of Mousehunt. Pikachu and Michael pull out the ol reverse Uno card against Chuck and poison him using his own pizza. Hilarity ensues when Chuck Norris suddenly bursts through time and space, along with Gordon Ramsey, and uses Chuck's chunky stomach acid as a weapon against the other mice.
  17. Tub of Lies: Squidward is influenced by a certain crustacean and makes a deal with a shady, mysterious network. Chaos ensues when a russian teletubby spy, who had been tracking Squidward for weeks, is suddenly found dead (skinned alive). It is then up to the SCC's staff, Zapi to cover for him.
  18. Taste The Rainbow: A Furby eats a rainbow flower and instead of falling ill like one normally would, it gains extra demonic powers.
  19. The Zap: A sitcom-style episode following Captain 0 and 10 getting zapped into a generic video game.
  20. 60 Minutes: Jotaro Kujo, Jake The Dog and Jesus Christ get stuck in an elevator.
  21. Sandworming: General Evil Sandworm tries to get promoted by Captain 1.
  22. The Case of the Fish Union: The Shaggy Connection try to locate and learn information about the Fish Union, but get ambushed by a familiar Zodiac.
  23. It's Just a Penny...: Mr. Krabs, Wario, and Scrooge McDuck duke it out for a single cent.
  24. The UnAnything Podcast!: The UnAnything Team make up a podcast to earn UnDollars as they try to figure out what the 100th Episode should be.
  25. The UnAnything: The Series 100th Episode Spectacular!: It's Captain 0's UnBirthday and he sets up a huge party. However Captain 1 and his gang of villains destroy the party.

Season 5

This Season will have 30 Episodes. It Starts on June 12th, 2023.

  1. The UnAnything: The Series 101st Episode Spectacular!: After the birthday party gets destroyed, Captain 0 wants to have revenge from Captain 1 as well as make an even bigger and better party than his old, crappy one.
  2. The Night of the Living Lubby: A bunch of Lubby Attempt to raid Captain 15's home after being hired by a glass joke foe
  3. The Horror: The horrific thing Does some crap.
  4. Warioware is Raided: Self explanatory as OSHA assaults the sweatshop.
  5. Lecter - Denigration: The first episode in a story arc centered around Tierboskat's rivalry with Hannibal Lecter. Tier learns about Lecter's possession of a powerful, racist artifact and his escapades with it.
  6. Journey to the Center of Teletubbyland: Vesta teams up with the Teletubbies to conduct the first large-scale expedition into the Teletubby Land Acid Tunnels, and maybe even research the Teletubby Land Acid Kraken in its natural habitat...
  7. Miku Machine: Scientist-San makes a robot Hatsune Miku and a bunch of other singer rejects in order to make a large band of evil singing androids and make Money.
  8. The Fire of Lubbyton: A musical like episode with the protagonist Lubby burning down Lubbyland, start of the a clockwork tree arc. Feature the songs, A good day to murder.
  9. A Clockwork Tree: Parodying a clockwork orange with the protagonist Lubby being forced to suffer a waluvito technique after cutting down a tree. Second part of the arc.
  10. Burn, Lubby, Burn: The protagonist Lubby recovers from the Waluvito technique and burns down stuff. End of arc.
  11. A Pocket Full Of Noodles: A new SCC student sneaks out during the night in order to investigate the mysterious figures lurking around campus -and to grab a quick cup of noodles.
  12. Eyeballishsm: The Eyeball Man becomes Coffee addicted and makes a cult of coffee. The SWAGGERNAUTI also are trying to figure out who hoaxed the Elmo Gang Civil Warfare.
  13. The SWAGGERNAUTI 1000000 Eyes: The SWAGGERNAUTI plan there evil domination of somewhere, they just don't know where.
  14. Not Too Shaggy: Shaggy, who just happened to be around, saves Crona and a bunch of other people from the off-brand teletubby guards, who had locked them in a cupboard and couldn't then find the keys.
  15. Filler: Chuck Norris Edition: Just 44 minutes of Chuck Norris running with epic music.
  16. Eevee's Revenge: Eevee decides to beat up Lip with Elaine.
  17. Swags Speculative Evolution Theory: A speculative evolution episode hosted by Eyeball Man for what creatures of unanything could become in the future, also the Lubby leave the show to do there own.
  18. Unblitzer: A real version of unblitz 117 called Unblitz 116 is built and it goes on a rampage.
  19. The Porge: Captain 1 is caught out during THE PORGE, and stuff happens.
  20. UnAmused: Mickey decides to build the biggest amusement park ever, right at the center of Hell.
  21. I AM PERFECTLY CALM: Squidward comes face to face with his ultimate enemy Bowser at a spa retreat yoga session.
  22. Fist of Chuck: Chuck Norris gets SHUPA DWUNK and punches AkaRed, starting a truly epic battle between the highest elitemen matched only by Peter Griffin's explosive rivalry with Ernie the Giant Chicken!
  23. Duck, Duck, Dolts: Ducky tries to pass his war factories in an OSHA check-up. The factories are based off those of Fatman Advance.
  24. The Case of Sailor Earth: The Shaggy Connection try to figure out whether Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Earth or there is a secret Sailor Guardian hiding out on UnWorld.
  25. UnAnything Horror Show: A outbreak of Twisted servant captain's are released to hunt and murder every UnAnything character under the control of a demented entity known as the T.W.I.S.T.E.D.
  26. Lecter - Consternation: Following the death of Loud Nigra, Tierboskat heads down to Palm City, Florida to investigate...
  27. EPISODE: A slice-of-life episode at Undefeatable Palace.
  28. UnAnything Horror Show II: The second part of the UnAnything Horror Show series, totally not inspired by the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror series. T.W.I.S.T.E.D and it's minions plan to nuke the United States of UnAmerica as cult leader Horrortime dies at some point.
  29. Captain 0 Reads the TV Tropes Page: Self explanatory.
  30. WW4???: Captain 0 has to stop WW4 as a crap page assaults UnAmerica and The CPEC are driven to their knees.

Season 6

This Season will have 30 Episodes. It Starts on July 9th, 2024.

  1. Cyber-Dee & Mr. T's Adventure: Cyber-Dee and Mr. T have to go through a Kirby-like adventure in order to eat at a KFC.
  2. Unpodcast 2: Retrospective of the Season of Lubby: A second episode of the unpodcast as the cast retrospect on the last season of the show, show off some behind the scene footage, at least for the parts that were scripted, also the Lubby decide to come back, though only planned to appear in only 2 episodes at minimum a season.
  3. The Squid's Game: After losing his favorite plushie of himself, Squidward decides to launch an UnWorld hunt in order to find it. Winner should expect a "bountiful reward" but... is Squidward really to be trusted?
  4. Roleplay Adaption: A Tale of a Cat and Lubby: After committing a murder on the order of a dot. Thumbnail McGee and Tierboskat, a unlikely duo, they go on and trip through a road trip of a life time.
  5. The Undefatables Guide To the UnGalaxy: Captain 0 and some of the Undefeatables decide go on an adventure around the UnUniverse. However, they're running late to The Train because no one can find the golden spatula and Shaggy's lucky underwear. Sackboy, who's also there for some strange reason, gets in an argument with Billy Mays about how ball-shaped items aren't all necessarily "essential" nor "clean". The Council ditches both of them and manage to catch The Train to Hell - their first destination. Unfortunately, Hell is not capable of handling this level of power...
  6. 10000 Ways to FAIL: A large video clip compilation similar to America's Stupidest Home Videos of how You can FAIL at life!
  7. Berry Goes on a Vacation: A simple episode of what Berry, famous UnAnything Team member does while he takes a vacation from his work.
  8. The Battle of the Meals: George Volcano erupts in Hyrule to get rid of DINNER, though he soon gets double-teamed by Luigi and Link.
  9. The Game Let's Play: Markiplier does a let's play of UnAnything Wiki: The Game to help people get through and beat it.
  10. The Case of the Nazi Dragonflies: The Qu attempt to do a terrorist attack for an experiment, but do not worry, as the The Crystal Alliance and The Shaggy Connection are here to save the day!
  11. What if... Captain 0 became insane?: A alternate universe where that universe's version of Captain 0 was forced to approve a Taiwanese knock-off wiki and slowly devolved into a serial killer after his reputation was ruined.
  12. What if... Shaggy Used All of His Power?: Scooby-Doo is found dead in Miami instead of Scrappy Doo. An astral calamity soon ensues...
  13. How the Bells Toll: A story about drug addiction, alcoholism set around Eyeball-tent tubby And Horrortime as a shadowy reflection taunts them.
  14. Sing a Song of Sesame Street: Elmo tries to hold an important global Elmo gang meeting in the center of Sesame Street, but the place he rented out was also rented by Ned and the Needlefish! Can they peacefully exist with each other, or will Elmo pop some caps?
  15. I Like Trains: The I LIKE TRAINS KID hires Thomas the Tank Engine to have him squish bad guys.
  16. Finally Fired: Benson fires Mordecai and Rigby finally. Chaos soon ensues in the Park because of this.
  17. Bizzarity: Jotaro Kujo is incandescent once he finds out a certain cat has paid $500,000 for his daughter's OnlyFans, and a truly bizzare outing commences...and JoJo references abound.


Yep. there really is a movie based on the series, more details are up here.

Also includes a sequel and a prequel too.

This show has garnered a big amount of cool merchandise. To see it, go to the subpage: UnAnything: The Series/List of Merchandise.


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