The Umbrella Corporation was a giant, evil company that merged with Sony to harm people. The company also made food and cosmetics.

Founding (1968-1998)

Umbrella was founded in 1968 by Dr. Van Nostrand when he got bored of being a doctor in New York City. Dr. Van Nostrand started a small medicine company and called it Umbrella. His motto was, "let us protect you and your family with an Umbrella." Shortly after Umbrella's founding, his friend's uncle died from exposure to the virus, and then the janitor was effectively-exiled to the Umbrella Antarctica Base. After years of hard work, there were stores all other Raccoon City, and hen all other the Midwest. In 1979, there were stores all over the US. In 1982, Umbrella became the Umbrella Corporation when it opened up stores across the globe.


After Seinfeld was ended, Dr. Van Nostrand mysteriously disappeared, and was never seen again. He might be dead, but it is unknown. Mr. Schmitz took over the company after that.


After Dr. Van Nostrand disappeared, Umbrella f**ked up in Raccoon City and allowed their weird experiments to be discovered. Then they unleashed the T-Virus in the city on accident. Sony was pissed off at them for destroying the city and the Umbrella base. However, it wouldn't matter, because it would be completely destroyed by BOOM!.

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