Cquote1 Hi! I bought food! :3 Cquote2
Ukraine giving one of her minions food before battle

Ms. Ukraine

Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Species: Human
Home: Kiev, Ukraine
Death: Kiev, Ukraine
AKA: Ms. Ukraine, Mother Ukraine, B*** Ukraine
Likes: Giving her minions of Ukraine any food they want.
Dislikes: Russiaball (Whom she got killed by)
Occupation: Farmer, Ruler of Ukraine
Known For: Ruling Ukraine (The country she was named after)
UnRank: 5

Ukraine is a country once ruled by a being named after it (This page is about both of them d*** it!).

She was Russia's "big sister" (Well, I guess?), and gave shits about him before he died.

Ms. Ukraine was later demoted into a little ball thanks to Bowser.

The ruler of the country is referred to as "Ms. Ukraine", and the country itself is referred to as "Republic of Ukraine", both of which are referred to as simply "Ukraine".

Once a poor farmer, later a rich ruler, she also gave her troops food before they went into battle since she really cared about them so much.

She was formerly a heroine, then a villainess, but then non-sided until she was killed by Russiaball.


Ms. Ukraine after being demoted into a Countryball.


The country that Ms. Ukraine ruled over and was named before her.

She invaded the country "Ukraine' in 1991. Before that, it was part of Soviet Russia.

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