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A group of Ugandan Knuckles out in the wild.

The Ugandan Knuckles ( Tachyglossus ugandiensis ) is a riveting species of echidna that resembles Knuckles, hence the name. They're notable for their raids of many places due to their shared mannerisms and Ugandan accents.

Notable Traits

One specific trait that the Ugandan Knuxes have is telling people about "de wey", along the lines of "Do you know de wey?". Those two words mean a certain ritual to worship Supreme Sanic, their God. While it is not possible to confirm the exact process of the ritual, because to seek it is to deviate from it, it seems that one must contract Ebola in order to achieve it.

If an Ugandan Knuckles finds another one of its kind, it will refer to it as "bruddah". They are very much close to each other due to their mob mentality.

The Ugandan Knuxes also desire to find a queen, which can be any attractive female. If they see said queen, they will then proceed to look up to her and follow her.

The range of cultural mannerisms they have include clicking on their tongues, sniffing, and spitting. Rare cases of Ugandan Knuckles singing perfectly to any song have been reported and shown in videos.

They also click. Constantly.


The Ugandan Knuckles is a creature of low stature, normally of a brilliant red color (the color can vary through the hierarchy). The creature is fatty, and its height can vary from 40 cm of height to 6 m, and it's width is of 31cm normally (approximately). It has short limbs, large eyes and an elongated nose. It has an average weight of 53 lbs. Also, they have a characteristic white mark in their chests. Their salivary glands are very developed, and uniquely among monotremes, produce concentrated nitric acid (source: VRChat Legends Wiki). It is capable of causing severe burns or discoloring skin, and emission of toxic nitrogen dioxide can cause serious lung damage. It also provides nitrates to the soil, catalyzing the expansion of the Ugandan jungle.

The Ugandan Knuckles is a territorial and aggressive creature. They come in herds of 10-30 Knuckles. their attack system consists in chuckling very loud noises, followed by war-cries. They can emit clicks of up to 15 khz to kill any prey or intruders they find in their territory.


Not much is known about the origin of the Tachyglossus ugandiensis. It is assumed they come from the deep jungles of Uganda, which explains their use of the drums (these could be somehow associated with their rituals, and might be used as a tool to find the way). While they have a tendency to follow a queen, they do not follow anyone that proclaims themselves a king.

It also seems like throughout their history their society was ruled by three leaders : the Queen, the Commander and the High Priest.

They died of being a dead meme


The Ugandan Knuckles follow a very strict Heriarchy, which will be ordered from most important to least important:

The queen: the most important Ugandan Knuckles, that is represented as a neko-lolicon. She has the right to control all Ugandan Knuckles, and is chosen by the Ugandan Knuckles, which will give their lives if is needed for defend the queen. If the colony discovers a fake queen, they will split her to death, or spit on them.

The Vice Queen: The vice queen is the second most important Ugandan Knuckles, and she helps the queen make decisions. The vice queen doesn’t have to be a female Ugandan Knuckles, she can be an Anime Girl.

The Chief Commander: Is in charge of moving the colony to save zones, and all the Ugandan Knuckles are under his orders, except if the queen says otherwise.

The Deputy Commander: He is an assistant to the Chief Commander, and he helps the Chief Commander make decisions.

The Commander: The commanders are chiefs of the military. There are four types of commanders: the Army Commander, Marines Commander, Navy Commander, and the Praetorian Commander. They command their particular branch of the military.

The Military: The military is composed of four branches: The Army, the Marines, the Navy, and the Praetorians. Here is each one:

The Army Soldier: The Army is the ground soldiers of the Ugandan Knuckles kingdoms/tribes(The biggest one being Ugandan Knuxes United). They usually have weapons such as spears, slingshots, bows, and sometimes swords. They usually use vehicles such as bikes, horse drawn carriages, scooters, and sometimes electric scooters.
The Marines Soldier: The Marines soldier is basically the elite version of the Army soldier. They have better weapons and better vehicles. They usually have weapons such as spears, slingshots, bows, sword, crossbows, and sometimes small guns.
The Navy Soldier: The Navy soldiers usually patrol on boats in the lake bordering Uganda and the ocean near Uganda. They defend from threats such as penguins, which are their enemy. Their boats are either small or Man-Of-War boats, which were used by humans in the —100,000s. They usually have the same weapons as Army soldiers, but they also use the cannons on their boats.
The Praetorian Soldier: The praetorians are the real guard of the queen. they are four-6m giants that surround the queen. Their clicks are dozens of times stronger than a normal click, and can break 3-inch concrete walls with a single click. They usually have weapons such as spears, crossbows, swords, and guns. Their weapons are enlarged because of their size.

The Voodoo Masta: The vodoo masta is the spiritual leader of the Ugandan Knuckles. He train the Ugandan Knuckles that want to be warriors and transforms them into the Warriors of De Wae. He has traveled de wae OVER 9000 times. He must find De Wae for his brothers.

The Voodoo Apprentice: The voodoo apprentice is the student to the voodoo masta. He is taught by the masta to become a fully-fledged voodoo masta, and he usually helps out in spiritual services.

The Trader: The trader is the elite class of Ugandan Knuckles. He is usually a rich businessman and leads trading groups.

The Female: The Female is, you guessed it, a female Ugandan Knuckles. There are not that many female Ugandan Knuxes, and so they are very rare and are desired by all the male Ugandan Knuxes (No, there are no gay Ugandan Knuxes, you dip.). They are essential for breeding, and a litter of Ugandan Knuxes usually consists of 2-50 knuxes. The most common number is 15. If the vice queen dies, then there is an election for a new female to be the vice queen. If the queen dies, the vice queen becomes the new queen, and an election is held for a new female to be the vice queen.

The Worker: The average Knuckles. they are ready for construct, work, or whatever is necessary to maintain the colony.


  • Ugandan Knuckles can come in multiple colors including red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and brown. They also come in many sizes.
  • They were banned in Nazi Germany for worshiping Supreme Sanic (because Hitler thought Sanics were Jews).
  • They are clones of the Knuckles Weegee, Kuhnookliss.
  • You can click here to find de wey.
  • Idi Amin approves of them.
  • Ugandan Knuckles: The movie is a movie coming out in BCE 2018 in the UnWorld. Its trailer is available here.
  • They have a Indefinite lifespan (same can't Be said for the meme)
  • Dun Dun Dun Guy once held a peace treaty with them, but that treaty was ended when Osama got pwned.

    Ugandan Knuckles - The Movie