Well, shit. That is an angry salamander.

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—'Uber Dask to Dask'''Uber Dask, despite its name, was not actually created from Dask. Rather, Uber Dask is a revamped, ultra-powerful form of Koolasuchus, who was used to create Dask. Confused? Let me explain.


When Koolasuchus died by falling off the Empire State Building, the 5-Hole had revived him into a hulking, Godzilla-size being of evil. Despite still being the same creature, Koolasuchus renamed himself "Pappy" and went to destroy New York. However, just as he was climbing the Empire State Building, the 5-Hole closed, and Pappy lost power, falling off the Empire State Building and dying AGAIN.

Later on, though, in 2015, Koolasuchus was brought to Australia and revived a second time in something called Project: DASK. The project had started when a equally big, equally evil creature known as Jurassic Turtle had laid an egg, and Australia, one of the only places left on Earth, tried to stop it. Koolasuchus had its DNA taken to create a mutant called Dask, which despite being extremely friendly, did what it was created for and killed Jurassic Turtle. While everyone was focused on Dask, Koolasuchus took his opportunity to escape and became a monster, bigger and eviler than ever before. Uber Dask had been born.

Uber Dask when pissed off.


Soon after his transformation, Uber Dask went ahead and effortlessly killed the real Dask. When that was done, Uber Dask discovered he had epic Kool-Aid powers and established a colony he named the Kool Empire. Everyone that got close to him got drunk, making it impossible for anyone to kill him. Uber Dask had a fun time as the ruler of this empire until he got bored and fired himself. Dask, who at this point had been revived, took over as the ruler of the Kool Empire. As for Uber Dask, he went on his own and joined F.A.R.T.. Later, the Sword of Epic decided on Uber Dask as its next user. Uber Dask, thinking the Sword of Epic was a piece of cheese, ate it. This imbued Uber Dask with immeasurable power, and he absorbed all the Kool-Aid in the UnMultiverse, killing the Kool Aid Guy, Kool Dask, and Kool-Aid Dask in the process. Absorbing all this power allowed Uber Dask to use the power from both the Kool-Aid and the Sword of Epic. The 3 fused together, and Uber Dask transformed into an unbelievably powerful creature called Koolasuchus Transcended.

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