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Tyrantrum's rollcall as PokeRed.
Member 1 - Tyrantrum

Tyrantrum is PokeRed of the Vast Pokeforce and is one of the five leaders alongside Metagross (PokeBlue), Tropius (PokeGreen) Electivire (PokeYellow), and Lurantis (PokePink), however he's the supreme leader of them, meaning he's the boss of the bosses.

His designated roman numeral is I (1).

He occupies himself wrecking cities alongside Metagross and making sure every building are destroyed and wrecked like heck. Heck that's how Tyrantrum lives up to his name.

Tyrantrum was also good friends with Salamence and offered him to join the group as PokeTeal, but Salamence didn't join due to that he was busy doing his own thing, and why Bronzong joined as PokeTeal instead.

Tyrantrum also threatened Abomasnow that he'll die if he keeps telling Pikachu right from wrong. Really, Abomasnow was just trying to be kind and help Pikachu be a better being. This is because Tyrantrum gives a million s**ts about Pikachu 24/7.

He also founded the Vast Pokeforce just to p*ss off AkaRed and make him look like a wimp.

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