Twitter is a website that decided to rip off Facebook #suckitfacebook. It is also the only website that has a bird as a symbol that hasn't had to go through "bird symbol initiation" (which requires the founder to run down the street, flapping his arms, screaming "Bird! Bird! Bird!") #iaintnobird. Twitter is now Facebook's greatest rival and potential successor as most powerful social network ever #burninhellfacebook. It is also in the running for most powerful website ever #worlddomination.

The purpose of Twitter is to follow people you don't know #stalker. While this is creepy in real life, this is the coolest thing you can do in the internet #popular. Twitter is also well known for turning the "#" symbol into something stupid people say in the real world #hashtag. Although, some can blame Twitter's minions, Tumblr and Instagram, for this.

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