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Delicious, but deadly.

Twinkies are one of the most delicious treats in the entire universe. They are so good that people get addicted to them. However, eating to many can give you a heart attack, and cause you to die. Chaz is the most notorious person to die from the Twinkies deliciousness. Twinkie the Kid is there mascot.


As of 11/16/12, the company that owns and makes Twinkies, Hostess, filed for bankruptcy due to unreasonable employees and Michele Obama's evil "health" plans. See Michele Obama's Big Evil Plan to learn more. However, RobotnikClause set up a top-secret Twinkie factory in Canada because he liked them, so you can still get Twinkies in Canada.

Louie.png Louie's Notes

Yummy! Just buy some, then EAT IT, you'll love the tasty confectory.