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A map of the battle's path (red line), starting in Sparta, overlaid on political borders at the time.

The Twenty Seven Day Battle of Epicness was a legendary fight between Marx and WaPo that lasted for twenty-seven days. The fight took place in several European countries, leaving wreckage and ruin everywhere. This battle took place years ago, and they're still trying to repair. There is a conspiracy theory that Chuck Norris willed all of this to happen so he could reenact the story of Bruce Lee, which is oddly similar to this.


The Undefeatables are the most powerful people in the UnUniverse. Chuck Norris, being an undefeatable, has amazing power as well. He apparently took a liking to WaPo or something, because for some reason, he granted WaPo incredible god-like powers. WaPo started destroying stuff like a maniac (probably because he was a maniac). The Undefeatables decided WaPo was misusing the power given to him, and Marx went down to "take care of" this.

The Fight

Marx came down into the center of WaPo's current position, Sparta, in a fiery blast. WaPo started by shooting energy powerful enough to fry all of Sparta (which it did). Marx started Shoop da Whooping WaPo with amazingly powerful blasts of his own. The two kept trading energy blasts for the first twenty six days.

After twenty six days, Sparta, much of the Squadala Empire, Poland, the Mushroom Kingdom, and part of Germany have been completely obliterated by WaPo and Marx. WaPo, deciding that he needed to take care of this once and for all, blew up Earth. However, the other Undefeatables stopped WaPo, and Chuck Norris shot an Epic Blast from space, which shot WaPo into the ground. Marx then sliced WaPo to bits.


WaPo, being immortal, had not been killed. Marx and the other Undefeatables took the remains of WaPo, and used an entire planet to contain him. WaPo now tries constantly to regenerate himself, but the Undefeatables stop him every time. WaPo kinda just gave up after a while, and just lays there.

A picture taken while they were fighting in the Squadala Empire.


A city this fight went though.