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Leonardo on his brother becoming turtle soup.

A failed attempt at Turtle Soup.

Turtle Soup is a turtle made of soup a soup made of turtles. It is considered a delicacy in Dimension Turtle where turtles rules. So it's basically cannibalism.

How to make it (the soup not the turtle)

8136turtles 002

This turtle would be great in soups.

Turtle soup is quite easy to make. First get a pot and place vegetable oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil in it. Don't forget water. Boil it for 19 hours, 19 minutes 15 seconds, 197 milliseconds, and 223233 nanoseconds. Make sure it boils for that EXACT time or else it will taste horrible.

Then go and get a goat and kill it. Use its meat to feed your dog (if you don't have a dog, go buy one!). Then you will forget you were boiling all of that oil and find that your house is on fire. Once the fire is put out, find the pot you were using and oil should still be in it. The oils should taste great.

Go to your local lake (preferably a lake near a nuclear plant) and find a turtle. Any turtle should work. Once you have the turtle, put salt on it and kill it. Then grill it so the shell will be easier to open. Then get some water and place the meat of the turtle in it. Then drink it! Enjoy! Oh and by the way, you won't need the oils you boiled anymore because I just learned you don't need it so you wasted your time boiling it and letting your house go on fire. Bye!

History of the Turtle Soup

When Mario and Luigi were saving the princess from Bowser, Mario used fireballs to defeat Bowser. Mario's fireballs hit Bowser's arms, which were bloody removed. Then Mario said "Let's eat! I am hungry." So they ate Bowser's arm and Luigi called it Turtle Soup, but then 5 seconds later, Bowser's arm grew back at the speed of light. Then he let the princess go to Mario and Luigi. They introduced the soup to Dimension Turtle until the inhabitants liked it. What a cannibalism.

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