Tubmarine, go go go!!!

Not to be confused with the Teletubmarine, which is owned by A.S. Swipe.

The Tubmarine is a submarine created by the Teletubbies as another mode for transportation, specifically for water or acid. At it's debut, it was solely made to travel through the Teletubby Land Acid Tunnels to get more rich Giygas' Kolk, but soon it was given the second mechanic of shooting Tubby Torpedoes, but it still collects the rich kolk as of today.

To ensure maximum security, it has no doors, the Teletubbies use teleporting wristbands to get inside, it has two, uber-flexible limbs that can suck up Giygas' Kolk and grab other valuables. It also uses these to shake and throw enemies, the antenna on it acts like a radar, detecting anything nearby, like Squidward, Giygas' Kolk, enemies, or something much more sinister. The blade is capable of grinding down 20 Rockies.

Dipsy made it shortly after the discovery of the Teletubby Land Acid Tunnels, he quickly constructed it within 2 years, making sure the Tubmarine would be the strongest, most impenetrable submarine out there, at the time, the Teletubbies were running out of Weekend Pickles, which need Giygas' Kolk and bless the Teletubbies with their strongest form, Teletubbies Unbound. So he added the suction limbs, in preparation for attacks, the cannon was added.

To this day, Dipsy plans on making more for Teletubby Clones and Teletubby Robots to operate, for this means more Giygas' Kolk, more Weekend Pickles, more Teletubbies Unbound!

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