Tubby Tower was a tower where the Teletubbies lived in. It was in Teletubby Land. They always had their Weekend Pickles and went to the The Chip Shop to play Pong. Noo-Noo wanted to destroy the building because there was lots of ashes, Tubby Toast, Pie, and Pie crumbs on the floor. The tower was 4,000 ft tall. The Teletubbies often hang out here inbetween attacks. It was destroyed by a bunch of green guys. There were three rooms. There were the "Hanging Out Room", the "Practice Room", and the "Weapons Room". The Teletubbies often hanged out in the Hanging Out room. That one is a no-brainer. They often bragged about their last attacks while here. In the Practice room, they practiced their destructive techniques. Such as fist fighting, gun attacks, and bombings. All of their weapons and explosives were kept in the weapons room. They went here to stock up on weapons before they BLEW UP YOUR FACE!

Flag of Teletubby Land Outside Of Tubby Tower

Other than that, this tower was occupied by moths and dust bunnies. Though sometimes it was invaded by Teletubby Land Bunnies, which are very different from dust bunnies. During these times, Noo-Noo fended them off until the Teletubbies return to blow them up.

The Great Teletubby Massacre

The Tubby Tower was destroyed by a team of evil Guys dressed in green inflatable Morph Suits had bombed. The Teletubbies woke up to find everything in their city destroyed and Po freaked out and went mad. The tower was replaced by the Home Dome, built by the Weldos. The Home Dome has ten rooms.