The Tubby Torpedo is a weapon being mass produced in a hidden factory under Teletubby Land. It is similar to that of the Tubby Bomb, but its a torpedo, it is found in cannons hidden in the sandy shores of Teletubby Land, and also fired by the Tubmarine.



One day, December 28 2017, Dipsy was trying to come up with the next best weapon for the fellow Teletubbies, when trying to find inspiration, he found a tin can, a bowl and a small propeller with unknown meaning. He poured Tubby Custard into the can, and added the bowl and propeller, creating the model of a Tubby Torpedo.

Later, December 31 2017, he decided to make a real one, by pouring 1,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of compressed Tubby Custard (the same amount of compressed Tubby Custard in an actual Tubby Bomb) into an iron shell and added a water powered propeller and enemy sensor. He then tested it on some dummies, and it was successful.

Later, on January 7 2018, Dipsy made a underground factory that mass produces Tubby Torpedos by storm, and now there are more than 9,000 of them being processed every decade!

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