The Tubby Toaster seconds before exploding

The Tubby Toaster is some doohickey and one of the two kitchen stations for the Teletubbies. The thing is able to make Tubby Toast, like how the Tubby Custard Machine processes Tubby Custard. It's five glowing lights indicate it's going to launch the Tubby Toast into the air and onto the plate.

The device can instantly materialise uncooked Tubby Toast swiftly, which will then begin heating up via an exposed wire, the device is known to malfunction, and explode into Tubby Toast. This is considered a grand event, but Noo-Noo surely dosen't like it. There is an abundance of wires exposed behind it, which Po once mistook it for a heaping pile of Spaghetti, eating it, the electric surges running through the wires made her explode, these events were seen in the show episode Electronic Spaghetti.

Tubby Toasters can actually toast anything shaped like a flat circle, including frisbees, plates and even flat shells!

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