Tubby Toast Legion

Po making an example of a disobedient soldier.

The Tubby Toast Legion is a group of Tubby Toast warriors that were brought to life by Dipsy because he was bored one morning. Ignoring the fact that he just created life, he decided to weaponize the living toast. He provided them all with guns and gave them an advanced training course in military operations. The Tubby Toast Legion is now one of the most infamous teams within the Teletubby Army.

The Tubby Toast Legion is rarely called upon due to their ferocity and tendency to destroy everything in sight, friend or foe. Their most notable operation was during the First Food War. Though they had no purpose fighting in the war, Po told them to because she wanted more people to DIE.

The Tubby Toast Legion's rivals are Dom, Woondar, and the WaTubby Toast Legion. They were created by WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky because he wants to make the Tubby Toast Legion DIE, and eat their toast for BREAKFAST!.

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