Tubby Toast

Tubby Toast

Are you looking for REAL Toast? This article is better though.

Tubby Toast or Tubbie Toast is a type of breakfast food that the Teletubbies eat. It can turn humans into Teletubbies if consumed. The Magic Windmill and Laa-Laa have the ability to turn people and objects into Tubby Toast.

Aside from being food, Tubby Toast can also be used as a weapon. If it is thrown, it turns into the equivalent of a throwing-star. How's THAT for Tubby power? Tubby Toast can also be used to hypnotize people. Although this technique does not always work, the Teletubbies are still trying to use it on Bob the Builder. Tubby Toast can yell at people, but it rarely ever does this.

If one happens to come across a field of Tubby Toast, they must proceed with extreme caution. They can be used as mines to guard Teletubby fortresses nearby.

Butter has strange effects to Tubby Toast, often making it scream uncontrollably.

It is the only "real" food, other than Tubby Custard, that Thumper likes. This was banned in many other countries. Don't eat it either. It's VERY dangerous.

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