Tubby Phone

The Tubby Phone is Teletubby Land's biggest smartphone. How big is this phone? So big, that it trumps the iPhone 10 and is a normal-sized phone to Fatman. The only phone bigger is the iPhone Infinity.

It was created by Alt 2.0 as her (first-ever successful) claim to fame. The Teletubbies enslaved her accepted her as one of them after she gave it to them, and the Teletubbies continue to worship and obey it everyday.


  • When its screen is touched, it can transport any Teletubby who touches the screen into the Real World. It sometimes transports them to the UnUniverse due to a glitch.
  • It has a laser, which the Teletubbies frequently use as a weapon.
    • Due to a glitch, it shoots anyone who isn't a Teletubby or a Teletubby Minion with said laser if they try to hack into (read: use) the phone.
  • It plays Dubstep, Alt 2.0's songs, Geddan, the Little Einsteins Theme Song Remix, and Hammer Zone at volumes so loud, they damage any non-Teletubby ears. It was supposed to have a normal volume, but due to a glitch, it has a loud volume instead.
  • It runs Windows Phone ME. This is why it has so many glitches.
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