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Anyone who sees Tubby Monster
Tubby Monster

The legendary metallic monster.

The Tubby Monster is a large metal beast that lives in Teletubby Land is was created in a freak accident when Dipsy was trying to make a new monster (of course). He was trying to install laser-eyes, but instead, he got this ugly creature. But the Teletubbies realized this one was bigger and badder, so they kept it.

The Tubby Monster now goes with the Teletubbies whenever they want destruction. They'll release the monster on a town, and in only a few hours, the entire town will be evacuated or destroyed! That's what the commercial said when they tried to mass produce these monsters. However, Nobody bought them, so the Teletubbies gave up and no more were made.

Now, the Teletubby Monster lives in Teletubby Land. The Teletubbies are the only ones he obeys, so if anyone else wants to get it to do what they want, they have to put a picture of Teletubbies on it's face. However, it lost alot of its health when playing a Shame Boy Color. He is currently kept away from anything like them again.


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