The Tubby Custard Machine is a machine that makes Tubby Custard. It has various levers and a tap to pour the custard into a bowl.
Tinky Winky mess

Tinky Winky making a mess.

Tubby Custard Machine

The machine is used ONLY by the Teletubbies and their allies, which means If Your a Humans, you cant use it. Although some people who aren't Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Doddy, Thumper or Po must be one of their minions like Noo-Noo, who sucks the custard up. WaMr. L sometimes uses it, but only on occasions. There are several buttons on this machine that if you press them, it's either going to make Tubby Custard, or kill somebody. It is also can be messy, which is why Noo-Noo goes crazy. One time, Laa-Laa squirted custard on Po, So Po shot Laa-Laa. Dipsy is researching facts about custard with pink food coloring, but no success. YET.

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