The Tubby Bomb was a bomb created by Dipsy in Tubby Tower for use in The Great Teletubby Massacre. It contains 1,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of compressed Tubby Custard. One alone was enough to smother all of Eastern Europe, as well as south east Asia. Dipsy is currently working with Alt 2.0 and Humbah to devise another Tubby Bomb to be used in the future.

The bombs are carried via the Teletubby Zeppelin, which uses energy panels to shrink the bomb, as it is too big to fit in otherwise. When the launch button is pressed, the hatch opens, allowing the bomb to drop, returning to its original size outside the storage compartment, whilst the extra-strong steel shell prevents it from exploding until it hits the ground.

There are three modes that can be chosen for the bombs, including:

Arial: The type that the Zeppelin will drop, nothing must be done.


A Tubby Bomb set as a timer.

Timer: The Teletubbies get to chose how long it takes to explode after they bring it out of the Zeppelin, it ranges from automatically to Pi.

Range: The bomb is set off when someone is in it's range, from 0.1 to ∞, they can also choose who must be in it's range or how many people.

It was used to kill "Chuck Norris" during World War IV.


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