Scaring babies since 666 BC.

TuTiTu (pronounced too-TEE-too) is an incredibly evil car thing that has some UFO for his avatar (He's also an Alien and UFO wannabe) that was created by some evil dude who lives in an evil city on an evil planet orbiting an evil sun. He has a YouTube show which is used to brainwash children; however, the show is rather unpopular due to it not showing the true, scary nature of TuTiTu. He tried to get his show on Crap Network and CBeebies, but both channels rejected it. His haters also depict him as alien - despite this, he admits he's an "alien wannabe".
TuTiTu Toys Nesting Doll (Matryoshka)-0

TuTiTu Toys Nesting Doll (Matryoshka)-0

An episode of TuTiTu's pathetic "show".

Stuff about this monstrosity

This thing is able to create things out of its rainbow sludge stored in an indestructable tank on its back. It has created trains, weapons, teletubbies, crappy bootlegs, and many other sinful items. It might even be part of Team Rocket! It likes to lurk in dumpsters waiting to enslave passersby. It can also travel through cyberspace without geting h4xxed. ARE YOU SCARED YET? He also likes to bean idiots.

The Zalgo Incident

Zalgo, the king of the H4XXORs, somehow managed to smash the tank on his back, and all the rainbow sludge splattered all over the poor dude. Zalgo began spitting MLG memes and TuTiTu spat his sludge everywhere until eventually the moon they were fighting on ASPLODED! Both Zalgo and Tutitu fell into a giant cave, then that was just the beginning of one of the biggest wars of cyberspace. Zumbah found that exact same cave one day, drank some of the rainbow sludge, and.... you don't wanna know.


Gumball Watterson thought he looked like a failed lab experiment and shot him 9001 times with a Magnum and pissed on his corpse. His dead body still remains in the same spot, and it won't go away either, since it's made of metal and pure evil. Lucky for him, he respawned.

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