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Were yuo looking for the natural disaster?

" ... "
  —The ocean doesn't say anything. It just waves.
What is this?
Gender: Water
Hair color: Mist/whitewater/whatever
Eye color: Water
Species: Water
Home: Japan, usually
Death: Dissipated
Likes: Destroying stuff
Dislikes: Not destroying stuff
Education: Molecschool
Occupation: Pwning cities
Known For: Pwning cities (see Occupation)
UnRank: 22.25 Octillion

Tsunami (つなみ) is a giant earthquake-born wave thing with a face and two fists who wrecks stuff. Tsunamis are spawned on the sea whenever an undersea earthquake happens underneath said location, or when you throw a big enough sleeping pill into the ocean (it goes. Bloop)

He was created during The Fish War when the Fish Union created a Wave-Making Machine that made Tsunami, and then he was commanded to Destroy Japan. He nearly succeeded, but of course, the Rise of Anime made the Fish lose, and the Fish forgot about him, so he still wanders in Japan, destroying cities and whatnot.

As a giant wave that destroys cities, Tsunami LOVES his job. Occasionally, he's put on film and destroys fake cities, but only if the producer gives him money.

Tsunami can even appear in person and have the ability to flood the room he's in if he's in an enemy area (i.e. Alternia).

Tsunami is also loud.

List of significant heroes he destroyed, defeated or otherwise disrupted the activities of or disturbed in the past

  • Blastoise (wait, nevermind, that was Blastoise using Surf)
  • Batman in GTA IV, but as a mod.
  • Defensor Maximus (the combiner Mario and Optimus Prime made)
  • Vriska Serket (cold war)
  • The Japanese during The Fish War.

Deep Impact - Tsunami Scene

Tsunami was featured in Deep Impact where he played himself.


  • He has appeared in lotsa movies as either a plot device or an incidental act of destruction.
  • The weirdest place he's appeared is Greenland.