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Tsareena is the wife of Abomasnow, mother of Snover (Her good son) and Lilligant (Her cruel daughter), and grandmother of Sunkern and Froslass. She is the reigning queen of the Grass Pokemon Kingdom and is also a celebrity.

She used 4chan a lot until she got extremely bored and was seen hanging with Gardevoir on that website.

Tsareena occupies herself guarding the other grass Pokemon like herself when Abomasnow isn't around and fighting his worst enemy, Weavile.

She was also formerly BFF's with Lurantis until she decided to betray everyone and then join the Vast Pokeforce. She called her a "rotten apple" after her betrayal to Tsareena and Abomasnow.

Tsareena also really hates a man known as The Candyman due to that he KILLS people who eat meat, real fruit, or vegetables. Tsareena is one of his targets due to that she eats real fruit.

Along with her husbandchildren, and grandchildren, she was later murdered by Escavalier/PokeGray of the Vast Pokeforce just so he can save princess Lilligant/PokeChartreuse, whom later got married to Escavalier. This allowed Gogoat and Breloom to become the new king and queen of the Grass Pokemon Kingdom.

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