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Tropical fail is the 58th episode of the TV Show.The Teletubbies go Swimming.


Laa-Laa is watching videos on YouTube when she sees a video of people swimming. Laa-Laa decides she wants to do that stuff, So she asks Tinky Winky if he wants to too and he does. So the two of them arrive at the swimming Centre. Laa-Laa gets on the diving board just like the people in the video, and dives in. She then swims around. She tells Tinky Winky to dive in, but Tinky Winky is not too sure, So he tries just swimming instead. He gently gets in, and starts to swim around. He starts to get afraid and scared, Suddenly, he drowns! Laa Laa swims around some more, not minding her purple friend drowning. It takes only a minute for her to figure out he's drowning. She rescues him, carries him out of the water, and then throws him in the water again. Dipsy shows up at the swimming Centre and dives in saying "CANNIBALL" He sees that Tinky Winky drowned. Tinky gets out, shaking.

Dipsy decides to make the water fire, so he makes it fire, it burns the two of them and they die. Tinky Winky is still shaking when Doddy comes and gets in. He dies. then Tinky Winky tries to get in one more time. He dips a toe in and dies. Meanwhile,Po looks at the videos Laa-Laa was watching and instead of the Centre, She goes swimming in the Teletubby Land Acid Lake.Po is immune to the acid, so she doesn't die. A Voice Trumpet comes up and tells Po that Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Doddy are dead in the swimming pool at the swimming Centre. She just laughs, and Tells Thumper what happened, Thumper laughs aswell. Because he hates Teletubbies, so he kills po.

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