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This article is the troll's local resting ground. Quick, Shoop da Whoop or Mariocise before he hypnotizes the internet!!!


Cquote1.png Trololololololol! Cquote2.png
Trololol Man

A '''troll''' is a hideous creature (sometimes with hair) that stalks it's victims by using a computer that is connected to the internet. Nobody knows how it came to existence. All we known is that it already existed since the beginning of time before dinosaurs did, and can cover himself with Lamp Oil to fly when it rains.

Early history

A very ancient statue of the ancient, mighty "Awesome Troll", possibly the greatest troll in existance.

Trolls originated in the interwebz many centuries ago, whose life goals were to pull lulzy pranks on it's victims and cause controversy through forumz.

Modern trolls

The civilized modern-day troll doing his usual job.

Trolls still troll today as they usually do, but set up some newer lulz tactics and smarter method compared to their original trolling ancestors (but can't troll as well as the Awesome Troll, and no one has ever succeeded in trolling him before).

Places like YouTube, Google, and MySpace, as well as Twitter, your mom's house, stupid websites, and other online message-boards are a troll's favourite cyberwar prankster grounds. Even the most decent people can be trolls. BEWARETHETROLOLOLOLO!!!

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