Rabbit "Trix" Rabbit
He got it!

He'll do anything for Trix.

Gender: Male
Hair color: His fur is white
Eye color: Black dots
Species: Rabbit
Home: Nowhere
Death: Kids killed him
AKA: Mascot who never gets to taste his cereal
Likes: Trix
Dislikes: Kids
Occupation: Trying to eat Trix
Known For: Not eating Trix despite being the Trix mascot
UnRank: -123456789 (Formerly)

The Trix Rabbit is a mental and insane rabbit mascot who wants to eat your Trix. He never gets to have it because kids annoy him saying "SILLY RABBIT, TRIX ARE FOR KIDS!" despite adults eating it. He actually ate Trix once, but that was a very rare moment. He hates Children because they never let him eat his favorite food. He is responsible for their deaths, as you'd probably know by now.

In 2014, he requested Trix as a birthday gift but only got a card. He was DEVASTATED about this nonsense. "JUST ONE BOX WON'T HURT!" as he'd say to the kids. The kids just ignored him and carried on. As revenge, he replaced all the Trix boxes with Froot Loops, a cereal brand that nobody eats (Except for Justin Beiber). On his next birthday, he got a box of Trix- but all there was in it was a piece of paper that said "Use your imagination!". He got Trixed by the kids. This is what started his child massacre. he'd steal the kids' Trix and put a sticky note on their other cereal boxes saying "Silly kid, Trix are for rabbits!". He'd kill whoever had two Trix boxes and leave 600 sticky notes behind. The only people who he won't kill are the ones who voted "Yes" on the election thingamajig.

If you are 70 or 80 years old, you might have seen some commercials where the Trix rabbit eats Trix. What caused it was when the Lucky Charms mascot was born. He got to steal Lucky Charms and eat them all he wants because it is actually HIS. Well, if the Trix Rabbit's Trix are his, THEN WHY IN THE NAME OF SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPILAIDOCIUS CAN'T HE HAVE IT? Kellogs made only 3 commercials where he got to eat Trix and all of them ended up with the kids finding him and he'd get caught and never eat the rest.

The truth is that Trix is supposed to be rabbit medicine, but the creator accidentally threw a kid in it, creating the catchphrase "Trix are for kids". People took it too seriously and fed it to their kids, not their rabbits. This caused kids to become less smarter and grew the brains of an imp bunny thingy. SO THAT MEANS TO GIVE YOUR TRIX TO RABBITS, NOT KIDS!

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