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Triforced Link
Triforced Link.png
Holy shit, he's actually awesome now...
Gender: Male
Alive or Dead?: Currently not in use
Death: Link deactivated it
AKA: Ultimate Link
Known For: Finally being awesome
UnRank: 920,000,000

It is said that when the Triforces of Dinner, Baby Yoshi, Ugliness, and Thin Air come together, they combine to form the Triforce of Triforce, a power that when bestowed upon someone could make anyone as powerful as WaPo... except it's only had observable effects on Link so far. Triforced Link is what happens when Link gathers the Triforces of Dinner, Ugliness, and Thin Air, and combines them with his own Triforce of Baby Yoshi. In this form, he is immensely powerful, his power level skyrocketing to Lower Undefeatable levels.


I just explained that TWICE. You know what, not doing it again. You want it, read the upper section. Let's just move on.


  • Gains awesome armor that looks like gold, but is actually a whole other, much stronger magical metal
  • His sword gains similar enhancements
  • The form lasts an hour
  • Immune to the Weegee virus and Ganon's DIE
  • Nearly impossible to kill, with the armor offering further protection
  • A myriad of new sword-related abilities become available, each of them capable of killing almost anything
  • He can now use the Triforce even further to buff himself or weaken his enemies
  • Gains access to the power, "Gate of Doom". This drains him of the "Triforced Link" form for a while, but is so ridiculously powerful it can cripple near-Undefeatables

Known Usages

  • He once used this form to fight off Weegee. He won, due to a newfound immunity to the Weegee Virus.
  • He also used this form in the Hyrulian Civil War. He is a main reason West Hyrule still exists.
  • The final usage so far known was during the Siege of Hyrule Castle against Weegee, Malleo, and Yushee. It involved a usage of Hyper Weegee as well as the birth of WeeMalSheeGas.